InsideBoxing’s Cinco de Mayo Boxing Event Cancelled

DENVER (April 12, 2019) – I was once asked if a hundred pounds of rock and a hundred pounds of feathers were thrown off the top of a tall building at the same time, which would hit the ground first? I’ll let you think about that…

It wasn’t a hundred pounds of anything that prevented InsideBoxing’s Cinco de Mayo boxing event from taking place but the hammer dropped and hit pretty hard. A show that was turning out to be one of the best boxing events in Colorado has come to a halt and is being cancelled due to InsideBoxing Promotions not being able to secure the necessary special event permits.

It’s unfortunate, we had the entire boxing community looking forward to this event but we move on to the next one.” Says CEO and President, Aurelio Martinez.

Some of the scheduled Cinco de Mayo bouts will be moved to Nicholas Buschman’s Friday May 17th show. Confirmed bouts include Andrew Strode Vs. Shawn Nichol, Sergio Lopez Vs Harold Jackson and Sergio Lujan vs Carl Rogers with other bouts in the works.

…if the weight is the same, one hundred pounds in this case, rocks or feather, then I guess they fall at the same speed.

Information on the next show coming soon. Don’t let anything or anyone become a diversion to your undertaking!


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