‘A Breath of Fresh Air’

By Blackbull

DENVER (October 2, 2017) – This past weekend in Colorado, Airtight Boxing and Sparta Combat League promoted a set of toothsome boxing events, leaving a pleasurable tingling on the palates of boxing fans in attendance. What we had is boxers engaging in combat to prove a point, that they are the best. To show the public, they are worthy to be called professional boxers. There was no pick and choosing opponents to protect or tailor an undefeated boxing record.

There was a time when a loss only made you work harder, correct your mistakes and come back with a vengeance. And that time has come back… …In Colorado, if not elsewhere!

Friday night at the Imperium Event Center, a full house of boxing fans were treated to an outstanding evening of boxing competition. The main event paired two up-and-coming super bantamweights, Mario Sierra and Arturo Melo. The fight ended with Melo stopping the previously undefeated Sierra.

Arturo Melo

The first round was everything fight fans anticipated, with action going back and forth, with each fighter failing to take a step backward. It was toward the end of the round when Melo catches Sierra with an overhand punch and drops him. Sierra gets up and both fighters resume with a multitude of punches. Second round the two continued where they left off, both throwing at a high level punch output. A close round which could have gone to either fighter. The end came seconds before the third round would officially end. After gruelling back and forth exchanges, Mello lands a pin point shot to the face of Sierra sending him down hard. Referee Stephen Blea calls a halt to the contest.

A great contest, but in the end Melo was the more focused boxer. Melo’s punching being more technical and seemed to be targeted in comparison to Sierra’s actions where Sierra was throwing a multitude of dangerous punches, but with no guidance.

Welterweights Sevelle Hasan in his second professional contest met former Marine and WCAP amateur, Tommy Roque, making his professional debut in a 4 round affair.

Hasan came out fast showing good speed in his combinations where Roque seemed to use the round as a feeling out situation. Roque started the second round as he left the first, which almost cost him the fight before he could get started. Hasan, staying busy in the second and became more aggressive throwing more punches. Hasan catches the slow-starting Roque with a hard shot to the chin laying him out. With the fight looking as it may be over, Roque gets up, but with plenty of time left in the round, it did not look good that he would survive the round. Roque finished the round without taking any more solid shots, allowing himself to clear his head. Roque came out in the third with a new attitude and with aggressiveness. This action by Roque must have surprised Hasan as he gave in and started on retreat mode. Roque eventually backed Hasan to the ropes where he landed a devastating overhand that ends the contest.

The exciting action continued Saturday afternoon in Sparta Combat League’s ‘Pound4Pound’ event, held at the Grizzly Rose in Denver.

Jose Arellano

The main event matched local lightweight Jose Arellano against Mexican national champion Ruben Tellez. A gutsy move by team Arellano given the fact Tellez’ experience level in comparison to that of Arellano, a move I would have been hard pressed to accept. Not only do tip my hat to Arellano, but I congratulate him to the max on a job well done.

Tellez came out the box strong and fierce, knocking down Arellano in the first round which hushed the crowd down to whispers. Arellano beat the 10 count and finished the round on his feet. Arellano came out in the second round with the attitude of ‘No, not going out like this’ and took the fight to Tellez. Arellano landed hard and demanding punches that completely changed the game. No longer did Tellez look like a highly decorated amateur, but started to fight very reserved. Arellano would not let up for the remaining 4 rounds of the 6 round contest and hurt Tellez in each and every round. Arellano wins by unanimous decision, winning all rounds apart from the first. There is no substitute for ‘heart’ in the sport of boxing. Not only did Arellano show heart, but his skills are no joke as well. If there ever was a question whether this man can make it in boxing, it was answered in this contest.

Antonio Flores

Antonio Flores stepped up his level of competition when he agreed to fight local favorite Jonny Jarabek. The bout was scheduled for 6 rounds, but never made it to hear the final bell sound, as Flores put an end to the contest in round 3. Jarabek is known for his excellent boxing ability, started beautifully knocking Flores down with a powerful right hand in the first round, but was not able to finish what he started as Flores continued to put on the pressure. Flores was very effective in pinning Jarabek against the ropes, then unleashing powerful body shots, knocking Jarabek down a few times during the fight, before the final blow in the third.

In other action, Andrew Strode defeated Mario Quesada and Alejandro Ibarra wins Chris Arguello. Both Strode and Ibarra remain undefeated.

Misael Lopez was introduced to the sellout crowd and announced his Super featherweight world youth title fight that will take place on November 18th at the Denver Coliseum on SCL’s super event featuring both Boxing and MMA contests.

‘Mile High’ Mike Alvarado was also in attendance showing his support for up and coming fighters as he was acknowledged to the crowd.

The next boxing event will be InsideBoxing Promotions ‘Fightwear before Nightmare’ on Saturday, October 21st at the Imperium Event Center with local sensation Ricky Lopez headlining. For information call 720.297.7654

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