American Boxers on The Rise II

The ‘Destructive Dozen’

By Blackbull

IB-April 27, 2017 – Last summer in July I wrote a piece, American Boxers on the rise, the piece was about how American boxers are destine to retake center stage in the sport of boxing.

The once powerful and proud American pugilist has been clinging to stay in the limelight in the sport of boxing for quite a long time now. My prediction in the previous piece was and still is, American boxers will rise to the dominance they once had. Too many exceptional boxers have come on to the scene in the past 5-6 years for American boxers not to make a strong presence in the sport. Topped off with Al Haymon focusing and giving the American boxers the exposure and guidance needed, I would say U.S. boxing fans are in for a treat.

In the initial piece, I made reference to the ‘Destructive Dozen’, 12 new up and coming boxers that had turned professional in the previous three years. Let’s take a look and see how the boxers on the ‘Destructive Dozen’ list are doing. Are they moving up, hanging in there or have they collapsed?

Based on their accomplishments in the ring since last year we have updated the Destructive Dozen.

Here are the original members of the Destructive Dozen:

Omaha Nebraska, Light Heavyweight, turned professional on March 19, 2016.
Nelson is in beast mode fighting four times since last July, taking no prisoners and making an early statement to all boxers in his division ‘I’m coming so don’t get in my way!’. Three of the last four opponents had winning records with the fourth making his pro debut.
Nelson record stands at 6-0 with a scheduled bout on July 1

Denver, Colorado, Super Featherweight, turned professional on May 21, 2016.
Lopez has been very active since turning professional, has fought twice since last July’s piece and is scheduled (according to to fight April 29 and May 20 as part of an Altitude Sports televised event. Lopez’ opponents have been of high quality and Lopez has passed the test in each and every one of his bouts. Lopez in his 4 professional contest fought in a six rounder against an undefeated and highly decorated opponent, winning a decision and pitching a shutout.
Lopez’ record remains unblemished at 4-0

Odessa, Texas, Super welterweight, turned professional on June 25, 2016.
Alday has been impressively active and has battled three times since last July. His opponents have included one debuting boxer and two with winning records, Alday stopped all three. Alday’s record remains perfect at 4-0.

San Diego, California, Super Featherweight, turned professional on April 15, 2016.
Has fought twice since last July, winning both as he should have. Both opponents had losing records and did not pose a threat to Gamez, a highly decorated amateur, who rightfully should have represented the U.S. in the past Olympic games. Gamez record stands at 4-0 with 3 knock outs

Colorado Springs, Colorado, Middleweight, turned professional on April 29, 2016.
Moore has fought twice since last July, winning both contests. Moore has fought extremely subpar opposition, don’t know why he is taking such a cautionary approach to his professional career but que sera sera. Moore’s highly decorated amateur (WCAP) keeps him in the mix but rest assured he’s on the bubble. Moore’s record stands at 5-0.

Wilson, Louisiana, Lightweight, turned professional on September 18, 2015.

Allen continues to make a name for himself in the professional rankings, this young man is taking his time as he absorbs all the knowledge he can as a professional. Allen’s career is guided by his father Kevin a well-known and respected trainer in the business.

Allen has recently signed with Roy Jones Jr. so look for him to shift into overdrive. Allen record is 4-0 with a scheduled bout on July 22

Salt Lake City, Utah, Lightweight, turned professional on September 20, 2014.

After almost a year without seeing action, Chairez has the wheels turning once again. His inactivity may have been due to his coming out the box so strong, reaching 4-0 with four knock outs makes it a little difficult in securing opponents.

Chairez improved his record to 5-0 and keeps his undefeated status in place. Chairez is schedule to do battle on June 16.

Toledo, Ohio, Featherweight, turned professional on August 15, 2014.

McCreary is staying busy as he has fought three times since the last report. Undefeated at 13-0 I look for this young man to make inroads into higher profiled contests. In McCreary’s last fight on February 10, he broke into 8-round competition.

Toledo, Ohio, Super Lightweight, turned professional on February 8, 2014.

Fredrickson has been active fighting three times since last July bringing his record to 16-0. Fredrickson’s team has done an excellent job keeping this young man on track. Fredrickson’s tall 6’2” frame will surely give most 140lb’ers trouble.

Denver, Colorado, Lightweight, turned professional on September 20, 2013.

Estrella has yet to fight since last July, All we can do is keep an eye on this young prospect. Estrella’s record remains at 9-0.

Quincy, Florida, Welterweight, turned professional on July 5, 2013.

Hicks stays undefeated as he adds two bouts to his record up from six to eight (8-0). Both opponents had winning records which is a good sign that Hicks is moving in the right direction to be a boxer to be reckoned with.

Denver, Colorado, Super Lightweight, turned professional on October 22, 2015.

Perez had, well let’s just say a not so good year, fighting three times since last July’s story winning, losing and a draw. Perez may have made bad decisions or is listening to bad advice or maybe we missed judged. Perez’ record now sits at 4-2-1

Last year I gave myself the challenge of selecting a dozen relatively unknown boxers that had been professional 3 years or less, I felt would make an impact in the sport. These fighter are referred to as the ‘Destructive Dozen’ and to keep the Destructive Dozen a young vicious group of boxers, those that have faltered will be released and replaced with new up and coming boxers meeting the original criteria.

This list is healthy, strong with not many changes needed. Two boxers are released and replaced, here’s a look at the 2017 ‘Destructive Dozen’.

Gregorio Perez is released, with a loss and a draw in last year’s contests has regressed somewhat. Perez will have to figure out the malfunction, make changes in his career if he is to grab back the dominant start to his career.

Also released is Donovan Estrella due to inactivity, Estrella has had no action since last year’s story.

Recruited into the ‘Destructive Dozen’ we have Mike Reed and Michael Dutchover.

Reed turned professional on March 2, 2013 and has racked up and impressive record of 22-0-0. Don’t know how we missed Reed on the original list but he most definitely qualifies as a ‘Destructive Dozen’ member. Reed is 24 years old and lives in Waldorf, Maryland.

Dutchover is 19 years old and from Midland, Texas he trains out of Santa Fe Springs, California. Dutchover turned professional on October 21, 2016 and has shown outstanding talent and skills.

Dutchover’s record is 4 wins with no loses.

The 2017 members of the ‘Destructive Dozen’:

Stephen Nelson – Omaha, Nebraska
Misael Lopez – Denver, Colorado
Joey Alday Jr. – Odessa, Texas
Mike Reed – Waldorf, Maryland
Reshard Hicks – Quincy, Florida
Genaro Gamez – San Diego, California
Tyler McCreary – Toledo, Ohio
Sonny Fredrickson – Toledo, Ohio
Henry Allen II – Wilson, Louisiana
Ignacio Chairez – Salt Lake City, Utah
Marquis Moore – Colorado Springs, Colorado
Michael Dutchover – Midland, Texas


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