BREAKING NEWS! Is Fight Fax Dead?

(September 18, 2018) – If you have recently been involved in a boxing promotion, you will may have noticed a lot of confusion with your paperwork. Federal ID number, can’t obtain fight faxes, etc.

That’s because (and as we understand it), U.S. commissions recently voted to have BoxRec as the official record keepers from here out. No longer will the commissions sent official results to FightFax, they will be sending the official results to BoxRec.

One of the biggest confusions will be Federal ID numbers, if you are a new boxer, then your BoxRec ID becomes your federal ID number. It’s still not clear as to what number, existing boxers are to use as a federal ID number or how to obtain a new federal ID card.

We’ll have to all sit back and see how this all unfolds but if you are scheduled to fight soon, it’s best you contact your state commission and get things in order before traveling out of state and walk in to a ball of confusion.

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