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Calzaghe the Great

Joe Calzaghe retired undefeated, left the game with a bang eliminating all top contenders yet you never hear him mentioned when talking about the best in boxing. Yes he was one of the greats!

VIDEO: Summer Heat Series of Boxing June 16, 2017

InsideBoxing Promotions ‘Summer Heat Series of Boxing’ June 16, 2017, Westminister, Colorado Playlist consist of three segments: 1- Misael Lopez Vs. George Roybal, superfeather; 2– Jean Pierre Augustin Vs Marcelo Da Silva, heavy; 3- Sergio Lujan Vs Tomas Nolasco, light. Click on menu icon at the top left corner of video to select a segment

‘The Destructive Dozen’

InsideBoxing’s ¡THROWdown! talks about a group of promising new U.S. boxing professionals. Last year we compiled twelve boxers that have turned professional three year or less we felt have what it takes to succeed in the sport. Here’s how they are doing so far…