Errol Spence Jr. Grinds Out Victory Over Shawn Porter

Benavidez gains win over Dirrell

by Blackbull

LOS ANGELES (September 30, 2019) – Some boxers do it for the money but champions add the pride and honor to their game. Throw in exceptional skill and talent and you get contest labeled “Fight of the year”. This is what fans witnessed in last night’s Main and Co-Main events of Premier Boxing Champions’ World Championship Unification boxing event held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The event was aired on FOX SPORTS PPV.

Cover Photo: InsideBoxing

The main event paired two champions, both putting their championships on the line. Coming into the fight Errol Spence, the IBF welterweight world champion and Shawn Porter, the reigning WBC welterweight world champion. The Co-Main harmonized WBC Super Middle world champion Anthony Dirrell and former champion David Benavidez in a 168lb. championship clash.

The main event will always be remembered in boxing history, reminiscences of great contests from boxers, Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, Muhammad Ali, Julio Cesar Chavez, Wilfredo Benítez and many other pride fighting champions.

Spence Vs Porter
Spence Vs Porter

Photos: Sumio Yamada

The contest began with Porter taking an aggressive and demanding attitude, moving forward and throwing punches from all angles. This is Porter’s style of fighting and it works by putting the opponent in an immediate defensive posture. The obvious plan from Porter was to keep Spence in a defensive mode, making it difficult for Spence to unleash his power punches. A strategy that worked well for Porter since it’s his style of fighting anyway. Porter never had to go to a plan “B” which would have been the case should Spence had found an answer to the aggressiveness of Porter.

For the first few rounds, Spence would eagerly wait for an opening in Porter’s offensive madness to throw his effective blows. This action kept the rounds close and showed Porter that Spence had no intention of fighting defensively. After the fourth round, Spence turned up his own offense, not waiting for openings, wagering attacks of his own.

Porter declared war, Spence accepted and now we had fistic combat with two great boxers that refused to back down. The remainder of the contest had back and forth action, Porter on the attack with awkward movement and punches coming from all over the place, Spence landing nice technical punches in combination. Spence’s punches on many occasions would drive Porter to the ropes, however, Porter being the champion he is, would quickly spin out and unleash his own arsenal of punches.

In a fight this action-packed and close, it almost always comes down to the championship rounds as who will come out victorious. In the eleventh round, Spence catches Porter with a flush left hand to the chin that sends Porter on his way down. Amazingly, Porter withstands the shot, using his gloves to stop him from hitting the canvas. Porter shakes the blow off during the rest period and finishes the 12th and final round the way he started the contest, in strong fashion.

In the end, Spence is declared the winner by Spit decision, Judge Larry Hazzard had the contest 115-112 in favor of Porter and Judges Rey Danesco and Steve Weisfeld both scored the contest 116-111 for Spence.

The Co-Main had Anthony Dirrell defending his WBC Super Middleweight Championship against former champion David Benavidez.

Dirrell Vs Benavidez
Dirrell Vs Benavidez

Photos: Sumio Yamada

Dirrell starts the fight very technical utilizing a good jab and scoring well, while Benavidez elects to walk Dirrell down. Dirrell scoring well at a distance but allowing Benavidez to close the gap and score. Benavidez would continue to do well walking-down Dirrell landing significant power shots.

Benavidez’ game plan of walking down Dirrell worked perfectly, a 2.5-inch reach advantage for Benavidez made the task too easy. By fourth round, Benavidez was throwing his own full extended jabs and you can see the fight was becoming more difficult for Dirrell.

In the sixth round, Benavidez opens an ugly cut on the right eye eyelid. The referee immediately calls the doctor up to take a look at the damage. With Dirrell given the OK to continue, the contest resumes. The contest is finally stopped in the ninth round due to the massive cut and Benavidez wins by TKO.

Rounding out the card Results:

Mario Barrios W Batyr Akhmedo UD12 Super Lightweights; Josesito Lopez W John Molina KO8 Welterweights; Robert Guerrero W Gerald Thomas UD10 Welterweights; Fabian Maidana W Ramses Agaton KO1 Welterweights; Alfonso Olvera W Amon Rashidi UD8 Welterweights; Misael Rodriguez W Brandon Maddox KO3 Middleweights; Juan Antonio Lopez W Fernando Garcia UD8 Featherweights; Leon Lawson III W Alan Zavala KO2 Middleweights; Burley Brooks W Fabian Valdez KO1 Light heavyweights; Lindolfo Delgado W Jesus Zazueta Anaya KO6 Welterweights; Joey Spencer W Travis Gambardella KO3 Middleweights; Jose Valenzuela W Charles Clark KO1 Super Featherweights.

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