IOC strips Olympic Status From Boxing Body AIBA

Umar Kremlev: «After the IOC decision, we must unite»

(June 26, 2019) – The Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation, EUBC First Vice President, AIBA Executive Committee member Umar Kremlev make a statement after the decision of the IOC Session to deny recognition to the International Boxing Association (AIBA).

-I think that today, after all the decisions of the IOC, all members of the AIBA Executive Committee will understand that we need to unite and say goodbye to the old. And everyone guilty of what brought AIBA to, must confess, apologize to the boxing community and leave. Our task, as members of the AIBA Executive Committee, is to unite, to accept early reforms and to start everything from scratch together to bring boxing back to a high level.
We have already launched the process of creating the World Boxing Fund and are receiving hundreds of calls from around the world from everyone who cares about boxing, saying that they are waiting for the moment when they can start cooperating with the foundation, including to repay AIBA’s debts.
Thanks to the whole boxing community, that everyone supports our idea with the creation of a fund and the preservation of Olympic boxing.

-Russian Boxing Federation

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