‘It’s Misa Time’ vs ‘Crunch Time’ September 16th

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DENVER (July 23, 2018) Inside Boxing Promotions (Aurelio Martinez) has scheduled an exciting fight card celebrating Mexican Independence on September 16, 2018. The card is full of local talent, including a few USBL (United States Boxing League) semi-pro bouts, providing an anticipated packed house with excellent boxing at the Imperium Event Center, 3051 W 74th Ave, in Westminster.

It’s the main event that has created the buzz as two undefeated fighters, Denver’s Misael ‘IT’S MISA TIME’ Lopez (8-0, 4KO’s) takes on Staten Island, New York’s, James ‘CRUNCH TIME’ Wilkins (5-0, 5KO’s) in a scheduled for 8 rounds bout for the ABF (American Boxing Federation) Continental Americas Super featherweight (130 lbs.) title.

Denver fans are well aware of the talents possessed by Misael Lopez and after numerous failed attempts to have anyone step up to the plate, Inside Boxing Promotions has found an excellent fighter. James ‘Crunch Time’ Wilkins has not only accepted the challenge but plans on leaving Colorado with that ABF Super featherweight belt around his waist. Both of these talented young fighters are just 22 years-old.
The former highly decorated New York State amateur champion (Wilkins) has international (USA Boxing) experience with victories in China and Ireland, all by knockout. He was at the 2016 USA Olympic Boxing Trials where he was eliminated in a close split decision loss in the 132 lbs. weight division. Wilkins contends his ‘pro-style’ of boxing is not what USA Boxing can appreciate, those words the sentiment of many former participants such as the highly decorated former amateur star, Henry Allen II, of Louisiana.

The tragic death of longtime best friend (L) Tyrek Matthews is the motivation for James ‘Crunch Time’ Wilkins

The Wilkins family consists of deceased best friend (brother) Tyrek ‘Little Frazier’ Matthews (shot and killed one year ago), biological bothers Daniel Wilkins and Nicholas Wilkins with sisters Jessica Wilkins and Kayla Perry. Dad, James Wilkins and mom, Christine Ciccone complete the Wilkins family.

Wilkins: “Our family story is not unique, everyone has a story. We have a somewhat broken home but we did what had to be done n order to survive. My mom worked very hard to provide for us. We were constantly on the move just trying to keep the family together. Boxing helped change things in my life but even before boxing in the ring, I was always fighting. When I was like 14, we invented/played a game called ‘Corners’. We got in an elevator and then went to a corner. After putting whatever money you had in the middle of the elevator floor, then you got beat up until there was one man standing”.

‘Crunch Time’ says following the tragic death of his brother Tyrek, his focus is now entirely on boxing. That situation brought out something deep inside him and he will never lose that feeling. James does not smoke, drink or ‘party’. He keeps a very low profile, stays to himself and likes to stay home, watch movies or go bowling with a few close friends. According to Wilkins, this fight versus Misael Lopez won’t last long.

“I just came from camp with Roy Jones, Jr. who believes in me”, begins ‘Crunch Time’. “I don’t talk much but let my hands do the talking. Nobody really knows about me right now except the important people. I’m 5-0, with 5 knockouts. That speaks for itself. Everyone in Denver needs to understand I’m NOT and opponent. I’m a world class fighter. I was a 5X’s New York State amateur Champion, a 2X’s International Champion. I beat China by unanimous decision and when I fought Ireland, I broke that kids nose and knocked him out. At 17 years-old I won the Paul Murphy Elite Championships, both fights by knockout. I went to the 2016 Olympic Trials (132 lbs.) losing a close, close, split decision to a kid from Philly in what was some bullshit. You know how the hometown shit goes in the amateurs. If you are outspoken and have a different style, they look down at you. It’s not fair and I learned… After that, I turned pro and been knocking out everything they put in front of me ever since. I’ve learned the game as time has gone on and I’m not signed yet, not because I’m a bad fighter but because I know what I’m worth. I’m not stupid. I took this fight after hearing all this talk about how good Lopez is and I could’ve said I needed more money, I could’ve negotiated higher but decided to give no problems and took the fight for the $3,000. I made $2,500 making my fucking pro debut for a 4 rounder. So the way I’m looking at it is they don’t think I’m shit. You want me to fight for $3,000? FINE! I’m not being disrespectful of anybody but in the end, it will be me and Lopez. I’ve decided I’m coming to Denver, beat the *explicit* out of Lopez in front of his friends and supporters and when they carry him out on that stretcher, I’ll leave with my belt and have the respect of everyone in Denver”.

In ending, James ‘Crunch Time’ Wilkins had this one last thing to say… “I can promise you one thing. I’ve dedicated my life and boxing career to the memory of my brother Tyrek Matthews. When I hit this boy Lopez, he’ll feel something he’s never felt before. In either the 2nd or 3rd round, he goes to sleep. Afterwards I want everyone to stand by their words of, ‘He’s this and he’s that’, when referring to Lopez. I’m gonna beat the *explicit* outta this kid and really hurt him bad. I’m not coming to Denver and being all nice to this guy. I’m on a mission and you’ll see that at the weigh-ins. Come at me with your best ‘cause *explicit* that, I’m coming to *explicit* you up”.

There you have it folks. If you weren’t sure you wanted a ticket to this fight, after reading what the cocky, arrogant and sure of himself James ‘Crunch Time’ Wilkins had to say about coming to Denver on September 16th, then you need to plan on watching a Needlepoint Tournament, or something at least that exciting. That undercard should be full of Mexican Independence fireworks as well.

Mexican Independence Day live boxing event “Golpes Y Gritos” will be available on IBtv.us and Roku for $19.95
Ticket Information: 720-297-7654 or click here to buy tickets now! 

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