Misael Lopez Remains Undefeated

Augustin takes care of business in 1 and Lujan impressive in debut

By Blackbull

WESTMINISTER, CO (June 18, 2017) – ‘Summer Heat Series of Boxing’ last night had the crowd up on their feet all night. In the main event Colorado’s superstar Misael Lopez met Albuquerque, New Mexico’s George Roybal in a 6 round scheduled super featherweight bout.

Action started with both guys looking to make a stand, Roybal begins with good ring movement coupled with nice combinations, while Lopez fighting in an aggressive manor, picking his shots when he had Royal’s back against the ropes. Toward the end of the round Lopez started with an effective body attack that would slow down the movement of Roybal. The second round began as the first ended, with Lopez targeting the body, Roybal had success on several occasions landing a good shot here and there, unfortunately Roybal’s shots where far and too few in comparison to the shots he was receiving. By the end of the round you can see the effectiveness of the body attack from Lopez as Roybal could not move and had to go into a high defensive posture. Roybal came out for the third round with absolutely no mobility which allowed Lopez to shift gears into a highly aggressive mode. Lopez knocks down Roybal and referee stops the fight, Lopez by TKO3.

Boxing fans were eager to see the co-main event as highly publicized undefeated heavyweight and movie star Jean Pierre Augustin (14-0) from Lawrence, Massachusetts takes on Marcelo Da Silva (22-4) from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Fans in anticipation of seeing what Augustin brings to the ring, did not get to see much at all. In fact the fans saw nothing as this fight would end 35 seconds into the first round. A very controversial bout to say the least, DaSilva would go down from a punch that seemed to clearly miss. DaSilva went down grabbed his knee, than once on the canvas changed his mind as if he was knocked out. Fans were definitely cheated from seeing a highly touted prospect in Augustin.

After the contest the Colorado Commission contemplated holding DaSilva purse and finally made a decision to hold the purse but it was too late as DaSilva had already been paid.

Local lightweight boxer Sergio Lujan made good in his professional debut knocking out Tomas Nolasco in the first round. Lujan is a product of USBL (United States Boxing League) and it showed, Lujan fought calm and collective with no professional debut jitters and you could see he fought like a seasoned pro with no learning curve to deal with.

In USBL Semi-Pro action we had heavyweights Gabe Cirivello against Pedro Pena Both from Colorado and Alvaro Huizar (Denver) Vs. Edison Charley (Wyoming).

Heavyweight action saw Pena come out aggressive in the first round forcing Cirivello to stay at distance. Pleanty of punches were exchanged by the two combatants. The second round Cirivello started to find his distance and landed a couple of good shots which had Pena in backward motion, again good exchange of punches by the two heavyweights. Pena could not answer the bell for the third round and was taken to the hospital due to a dislocated shoulder.

The evening started with a hot contested match between Huizar and Charley. When the bell rang starting the bout, Charley wasted no time and through punches like nobody’s business. Huizar weathered the quick start and picked his shots accordingly. Charley becoming winded toward the end of the round and Huizar took advantage landing hard devastating blows. In the second round Charley could only fight in spurts while Huizar kept his composure and went to work by the end of round two Charley was in no condition to continue. Charley had to be helped out the ring and was attended by the ringside doctor.

Celebrities in attendance: Former WBC world Champion Stevie ‘Lil but Bad’ Johnston, 5-time champion ‘2-Quick 2-Slick’ Donald Camarena and contender Russell Stoner Jones. Also in attendance were active boxers Manny ‘Manos’ Perez, Tim Ibarra and Fidel Martinez Jr.

‘Summer Heat Series of Boxing X2’ coming early August, stay tuned…

Promoter: InsideBoxing Promotions

Ring announcer: Miguel Macliz, Ringside Doctor: Dr. Hector Brignoni, Chief Inspector: Eric Heinz, Referees: Curtis Thrasher and Tim Mills, Tom Johnson, Judges: Jeanne McEvoy and Tyrone Short, Inspectors: Hale Hilsabeck and Saul Larsen, Timekeeper Dennis Romero.

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