Ridiculousness that is Chris Brown Vs Soulja Boy

By: Mike Singh

IB-January 18, 2017 – Celebrity fights/bouts usually occur to promote certain charities or assist others with the funds raised. This isn’t one of those fights. This is a long and burning feud that was formed between popular hip-hop/rap stars Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. What started out as a bashing from Chris Brown has quickly turned the tables into a boxing match. Brown was upset with Soulja Boy after he allegedly “liked” one of the photo’s Brown’s Ex had posted to Instagram. This fired up Soulja Boy and in-turn brought a lot of shade Brown’s way. The “Crank That” singer attacked Brown on his morals, his past relationships, and his drug abuse. The singer would later apologize for his words, but that would quickly fizzle out with the announcement of a boxing match.

Once the match was proclaimed, outside members became relevant for both parties. Three names emerged from the storm of social media swirl: 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather, and Mike Tyson. 50 Cent caught wind of the feud and immediately jumped on the opportunity to sponsor Brown after the two singers announced a fight. He then went on to recruit Mike Tyson to help in Brown’s corner during the bout. There has been a long history of beef between fighter Floyd Mayweather and rapper 50 Cent, so it is only fitting that Mayweather side with Soulja Boy and train him. It would bring Mayweather the opportunity to show-up his foe and make some money doing so. The Mayweather Promotions company has conditionally set the fight date sometime in March in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chris Brown (L)- Soulja Boy

Now that the two have trainers under their belts and promoters in their corners, it was time to stir things up a little more. Soulja Boy released a diss track targeting both Brown and Brown’s promoter, 50 Cent, in order to ruffle some feathers and keep things interesting. Tyson caught wind of this and made his way to the studio to produce a track of his own. His track directly targets Soulja Boy and predicts a quick defeat at the hands of Brown for the young rapper. The two (Brown and Soulja) have continuously exchanged jabs before even entering the ring.

The next order of business is to dive into the implications of the fight and whether or not the bout will even be a close contest. Soulja Boy stands at 5’9” and weighs a meek 148 pounds. Chris Brown has Soulja Boy edged in both categories, standing 6’1″ and weighing 157 pounds.

Soulja Boy is skinny and has a lanky body-type. Brown is more physically fit and has an advantage in muscle depth and size. The physical specimen between the two is Brown by far. Soulja Boy released a lackluster training video of himself, where he displays some of his physical forth-comings. Light weights and slow-paced running highlight this tape and does not bode well for his advancements thus far. Brown has been less public about his training regimen.

Brown has also been known to keep physically fit throughout movie roles and music videos. To say that Soulja Boy could attain the level of fitness Brown possesses ahead of March is a longshot at best. Having Mayweather in his corner is the only thing he must stand behind. Tyson is training Brown, which helps him get into a boxer’s mindset ahead of the fight. The two lack actual ring experience, which limits the amount of advantage provided by either Mayweather or Tyson.

For either party to succeed, they must catch on to boxing in a quick fashion. They need to work on raising their fatigue levels to outlast the opposing force. Heavy cardio and weight training are in the near futures of both performers. Soulja Boy needs to add size quickly to help him match the physical strength Brown possesses. Brown needs to transform his physical mindset into a mental aspect a boxer possesses. The mental games won’t hold any weight once that first bell sounds. The performer that can put the past behind them and focus on the task at hand will win this bout.

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