Sparta Combat League Making Moves

DENVER (September 23, 2017) – If you are a fan of combat sports in Colorado then you have to be familiar with the Sparta Combat League (SCL). MMA fans have known of SCL for quite some time as MMA has been the focus of promotions and the backbone to the success SCL has had in the promotional business. However, it takes an individual with extemporaneous character to venture outside a successful format, but this is exactly what SCL’s frontman Jeff Cisneros did when he brought boxing promotions into the SCL equation.

For the past few years, SCL has ventured into boxing promotions, keeping them separate from the MMA promotions. The reason SCL became involved in boxing promotions was not so much thinking it was a gold mine but mainly because of the love Cisneros has for the sport. Cisneros has a major passion for the sport he competed in as a young man and is so passionate about boxing, it had to become part of his promotional venture! Local Promoter Steve Mestas also gave Cisneros a slight nudge, “Steve Mestas of Airtight Boxing is a great friend and has been in the boxing game for many years. I first got the chance to meet Steve when I boxed and would go down to his gym and spar with his team. Mestas has been very helpful to our boxing promotions and I value his knowledge and experience.

When asked about his vision and plans for the boxing side of SCL, his response was astronomical “Our goal is to host a world championship in his hometown of Denver. This state is stacked top to bottom with A-level talent.”

To add great with more great, Sparta Combat League has consummated a mega-merger with country music powerhouse, Scott Durland, CEO of the Grizzly Rose Saloon and Concert Hall. The question arises, how does a country music juggernaut like Durland become part-owner of a business like the Sparta Combat League? Is Durland an MMA, Boxing fan or maybe he just loves combat sports. Cisneros’ quick to respond by saying “It’s simple really, Scott’s a businessman and a very good one at that. You don’t become as successful as Scott without making the right moves or seeing an opportunity. At the end of the day, Scott sees what I’ve been saying since day one, this thing is getting huge and the potential for SCL is truly limitless. We have a very unique business model and one I believe is unmatched. We have a team that believes in the vision and are all so damn talented! Most companies operate on a 40 hour workweek; not Sparta! We will go 7 days a week around the clock and the product is showing that more and more, we just keep getting better on every level.”

Cisneros announced that SCL will make its Pepsi Center debut on June 30, 2018 with a monster AVM Military event. SCL is known for their robust production for events, one can only wonder the production element he has planned for that night.

Cisneros mentioned Colorado was filled with A-level talent so we asked what prospects he had his eyes on, who should the public be looking at. Without hesitation, “Misael Lopez , the kid is unbelievable and just 21 years old!  He has the whole package, speed, power, footwork, and a personality that you can’t help but to love! There is no doubt Misael will be a world champion.” Lopez is slated to headline the SCL Combat Sports Spectacular for the Boxing portion of Sparta’s mega-card with both a cage and a ring to feature MMA, Boxing, and Kickboxing, November 18th live at the Denver Coliseum, 5pm. Cisneros also went on to say, “Jose Arellano is another young, undefeated rising Star that has all the tools to become a world champion! We have an incredible young roster of future stars and I can’t wait for everyone to see!

SCL’s next Boxing show will take place Saturday, September 30th, live at the Grizzly Rose, fight will start at 1pm with a stacked 12-fight card featuring some incredible young rising talent.

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