‘The Dreaded Two Weeks Before Fight Nite.’

‘Release The Beasts’ boxing event updates

DENVER (February 1, 2019) – Two weeks before a boxing event is the most dreaded time period for any boxing promoter!

After months of promotion this ‘Dreaded time period’ is when you can expect many and major changes to the card. Anything and everything seems to happen, from boxers receiving injuries, boxers in non-compliance, to boxers having second thoughts or whatever the case may be, this is the time when promoters have to move like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix in order to keep the show from falling apart.

This why we promoters have to plan way in advance with contingencies in place, we expect the unexpected. This why we at InsideBoxing promotions want to keep you, the public up to date with any changes to our events.

Fight card status on February 16th boxing event:

Ema Kozin’s world title fight is canceled due to Visa applications will not be processed in time for entry into the United States. http://insideboxing.com/ema-kozin-will-have-to-have-wait-for-her-u-s-title-fight/

Vlad Dandu Vs Genesis Wynn has been rescheduled for May 5th. due to injuries.

Due to the venue capacity, Misael Lopez and Sergio Lujan will fight on one of the ensuing shows. This show has been sold to capacity.

Fight card as it stands barring any changes:

Professional: Kirstie Simmons Vs Ayanna Velasquez; Josmar Salgado Vs Tomas Alvidrez; Alex Love Vs Leesa Daniel; Sergio Lopez Vs Chris Arguello; Javier Aragon Vs Ray Collins

USBL Semi-Pro: Luis Rodriguez Vs Orlando Salgado and Kevin Pantoja Vs Haciel Ruiz

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