Umar Kremlev: “AIBA Extraordinary Congress, where a new president will be elected, will be held on November, 15 in Lausanne”

(June 27, 2019) – The Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation, EUBC First Vice President, AIBA Executive Committee member Umar Kremlev commented on the decisions of the AIBA Extraordinary Executive Committee, which was held in Geneva on Thursday.

The Executive Committee of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) voted to annul the article of the AIBA bylaw, according to which Gafur Rakhimov could return to the presidency of the organization. The initiative was supported by 13 members, one against, eight abstained.

AIBA Executive Committee voted to hold an Extraordinary Congress, at which the new AIBA leadership will be elected. It will be held on November 15, 2019, in Lausanne, Switzerland. The decision was taken unanimously.

  • Today we have united and made serious decisions, got rid of the man who deceived the entire boxing community, saying that he would pay off all debts and find a common language with the IOC. He brought AIBA to the risk of bankruptcy. He should apologize to the entire boxing community. Today we removed the article 16.3 of the bylaw so that he could not return, and we voted for the Congress, which will take place on November, 15 and on which we will elect the new AIBA leadership.
    Volodimyr Prodivus and I also announced a vote of non-confidence for the AIBA Interim President Mohamed Moustahsane and the chairman of the Ethics Committee Jost Schmid, as he is a supporter of the former leadership.
    A commission was organized to discuss the restoration of AIBA with the IOC under the leadership of Giorgio Brugnoli, as well as a commission to prepare for the Congress headed by Volodimyr Prodivus from Ukraine. The financial commission was headed by Di Wu from China.
    I wanted to say a big thank you to all members of the AIBA Executive Committee for the demonstrated unity.
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