WBC Announces Special Commemorative Belts

February 15, 2017 – The World Boxing Council was founded February 14th, 1963, thanks to the initiative of then-President of Mexico, Don Adolfo Lopez Mateos, and a special belt has now been created to honor his memory as well as his contribution to our existence and growth into boxing’s most important organization.

Don Adolfo was a boxer in his youth and was often seen at the boxing matches, even during his historic six years as President.

With 11 countries present, the World Boxing Council was born and at that very moment, the quest to make boxing safer began.

Mexico celebrates two major national festivities – Cinco De Mayo, and Independence Day on September 15. Over the years these dates have been directly related to boxing with major contests promoted to commemorate them.

Mexico is the second most important nation of boxing, and its number of champions is behind only the United States and the third in number of championship fights held, after the U.S. and Japan.

The WBC has decided to institute the “Adolfo Lopez Mateos” commemorative belt to be presented as an special award to the winner of the fights contested on these two dates as a way to celebrate the link of boxing with the country of Mexico, which is the home of the WBC headquarters.

On May 6th, two Mexican fighters will fight during the Mexican Cinco de Mayo celebration weekend in Las Vegas. The winner will be awarded this unique belt, which is handmade by the Huichol community and a uniquely magnificent work of art.

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