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President Kremlev is thankful to Professor McLaren’s team for the full-scope investigation on IBA’s past

(June 20, 2022) – IBA President Umar Kremlev stressed the importance of the McLaren Global Sport Solutions (MGSS) independent investigation and its findings for the future of boxing at the Olympic Games. Today Prof. Richard McLaren presented the findings of his investigation into boxing at the press conference in Lausanne, the full report can be […]

IBA To Act On McLaren Findings and Recommendations

(June 20, 2022) – Following the publication of the report on the final stage of Professor McLaren’s investigation into the International Boxing Association, IBA has committed to acting on his findings and recommendations. Professor McLaren was appointed in 2021 with a broad remit to investigate issues of historical mismanagement and corruption, together with widespread allegations […]

 Athletes’ Committee meets for the first time and elects the second representative onto the IBA Board of Directors

(June 9, 2022) – The new members of the IBA Athletes’ Committee had their first virtual meeting after being elected by registered boxers from all the Confederations that were in attendance at the IBA Men’s and Women’s World Boxing Championships.   As required by the IBA Regulations, the new Committee elected the second representative who will […]

New IBA Board of Directors meets first time and appoints Ukrainian Vice-President  

Yesterday the newly elected Board of Directors (BoD) met for the first time following the election of ten independent Directors at the IBA Extraordinary Congress in Istanbul. These BoD members will be joined by two further elected Athlete Committee representatives following the conclusion of the ongoing IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships. They were also joined by the President and […]

IBA President and new Board of Directors elected during the Extraordinary Congress in Istanbul

Istanbul, 14 May 2022; The International Boxing Association (IBA) Extraordinary Congress concluded two days of meetings in Istanbul earlier today. Of all eligible National Federations, 145 were in attendance in person in Istanbul, while ten joined online.   The election for the position of President saw Umar Kremlev elected by acclamation to serve a second term. “Athletes and […]

IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships 2022 Opens in Istanbul

The IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships 2022 were opened in Istanbul today by IBA President Umar Kremlev, marking the start of two weeks of ground-breaking competition. A record 310 athletes are entered, representing 73 National Federations, who will be boxing in an expanded 12 weight categories.    “Women boxers have demonstrated by their skill, by their strength and […]

World Champion Sarah Ourahmoune becomes Ambassador for IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships 2022

(April 30, 2022) – The International Boxing Association (IBA) is honoured to announce that the 2008 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Light Flyweight Champion, Sarah Ourahmoune, will be an Ambassador for the upcoming IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in Istanbul, Turkey.  Ourahmoune, who is also an Ambassador of the Olympic Games Paris 2024, won a bronze […]

IBA To Celebrate Women’s Boxing 20 Years After the First World Boxing Championships

(April 28, 2022) – With just ten days to go before the IBA Women’s World Championships begin in Istanbul, President Umar Kremlev led an IBA delegation on a site visit and promotional activities. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships.  “The story of women’s boxing in IBA is relatively young […]

IBA Embraces New Technology For Athlete Welfare And Sports Integrity

(April 28, 2022) – The International Boxing Association (IBA) has successfully trialled the use of new technology, in the form of impact-sensing mouthguards, at the EUBC European Youth Championships. Boxers from several national boxing federations participated, while the data capture is both anonymised and secured. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, data from the impacts […]