‘The Battle, La Batalla’

DENVER (March 23, 2021) – ¡Cinco de Mayo! Has always been one of the biggest weekends for boxing all across the U.S. Chichimecan Combat Sports and Entertainment, Ghost Town Gladiators Promotions, and A1 PRO The Next Generation have joined forces to bring you a spectacular boxing event featuring Professional Boxing along with Semi-Pro Elite Amateur boxing! The event will be called “The Battle, La Batalla” to coincide with celebrations by the Mexican people of Cinco de Mayo [May 5th] and the victory of The Battle of Puebla.

Professional boxers matched for the card are Undefeated Donovan Estrella (13-0); Outstanding boxers and multi-Mexican National amateur champions, Javier Aragon (3-0-1) and Sergio Lopez (3-1) from Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Semi-Pro Elite Amateur action pairs Josh Challenger from Dominica against Lasha Abashidze from Georgia, in a super middleweight clash, each representing their homeland countries. Both Abashidze and Challenger are putting the period to an amateur career and looking to turn professional. Semi-Pro Elite Amateur Action is competed without headgear and scored using the 10-point system as professional contests. For more information on Semi-Pro Elite Amateur Action, visit the USBL (United States Boxing League) website at https://usboxingleague.com.

Cinco de Mayo “The Battle, La Batalla” Will be held at the Red Lion Hotel and Conference Center, 204 W Fox Farm Rd, Cheyenne, Wyoming on Saturday, May 1, 2021. Discounted room rates are available for boxing fans attending the event.

How to watch: Live and in person, click here to purchase your tickets online https://insideboxingpromotions.ticketspice.com/may-1-2021-cinco-de-mayo. Live on-stream broadcast, https://IBtv.com

For event information contact:

Chichimecan Combat Sports and Entertainment: Aurelio Martinez (720) 297-7654

Ghost Town Gladiators Promotions: Raul Utajara (720) 296-6176

A1PRO The Next Generation: Glenn Goodson (720) 933-8829

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