In October of 2006, A Small Miracle Happened…

…A group of boxers were allowed into a Pediatric Oncology ward to inspire the sickest of children. 

(October 1, 2021) – WBC Care’s primary objective is to serve others. That was the credo of our former WBC President, Jose Sulaiman, and the mission continues. Since its establishment in 2006, WBC Cares has used the WBC’s global platform to help and inspire those in need with the assistance of world champion athletes and compassionate volunteers from our 170 member nations. We have an army of angels; using our enormous platform to do their good works.

Our first visit was to CHLA, with Erik Morales, Genaro Hernandez and me. Genaro returned to the pediatric oncology ward many times, bringing presents and encouragement. Those he visited never knew he was suffering from the same illness Even when desperately ill, he continued to bring presents and laughter to the children. Years later, a father wrote to us that he didn’t believe his son would’ve survived the treatments without Genaro. He never knew that the same illness that spared his son, took our Champion. I can only say that Genaro’s good heart is part of our legacy. There are so many stories like this; warm, touching, authentic.

“‘Boxing has no borders.” We honor diversity, embracing all people, no matter their culture, religion, politics, or background. We connect through our hearts, our universal similarities and the principles of sportsmanship implicit in our sport. WBC Cares, Big Champions Supporting Little Champions, reaches out not only to youth but also to people anywhere there is a disaster or need for assistance.

Since we exist in so many nations, our activities around the world respond to the social needs of the regions in which the WBC operates. Programs designed to eliminate poverty, domestic violence, drug use and encourage mental health awareness using the values found in our sport, are just a few of the actions we have highlighted in recent years.

In 2019 we finalized the creation of 23 Cares Chapters, each one dedicated to a part of the world, each one focused on the issues of their countries, each person voluntary and without compensation.
In 2020 we realized that we all shared the same problems: safety, despair, isolation. Still, as a diverse and forward moving organization we met the challenge to engage and educate with WBC Talks; our Heroes for Humanity program, honoring those, worldwide who worked in the interest of others during the Pandemic: with many virtual events, and by assisting poor, sick and stranded boxers Our struggles are not over, but hope is in our hearts.
This is a time to reach out to all, to sustain and inspire, and it is our desire to continue doing this.
I offer my deep respect and gratitude to all joining us in our humanitarian commitment, those who have visited hospitals, youth centers and schools, with no compensation other than the fulfillment one feels from compassionate acts. We are people united by a sport and committed to helping each other. In our hearts we have the elements that make us someone’s hero and our goal, is to inspire people to live like the champions they can be
We are blessed to be on this side of giving!

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