By Mauricio Sulaimán – Son of José Sulaimán – WBC President

WORLD BOXING COUNCIL Mauricio Sulaimán, President Rio Bamba No. 835, Col. Linda Vista México City, D.F., México, 07300 Phones +52 (55) 57150309 | +52 (55) 51195276 www.wbcboxing.com   R.I.P. – WBC President Dr. José Sulaimán – 1931-2014     June 3, 2023 – What a sensational event, the WBC 60th Anniversary celebration at traditional Mexican restaurant “Arroyo,” the same place where multiple events have witnessed priceless memories throughout the WBC history, like in 1988 having Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson together, and Tyson running away from a small calf when he saw it coming at the bull ring and landing into the stands with one jump.     Don Jose Sulaiman at WBC Convention in Restaurant Arroyo – 1988.     Muhammad Ali, Don King and Mike Tyson at WBC Convention in Restaurant Arroyo – 1988.     Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali at WBC Convention in Restaurant Arroyo – 1988.     Mike Tyson at the Restaurant Arroyo bull ring – 1988.     Great celebration at WBC Convention in Restaurant Arroyo – 1988.   Legendary champions like Evander Holyfield, Roberto Duran, Julio Cesar Chavez, Ana Maria Torres, Rosendo Alvarez, Donny Lalonde along with so many legends of the ring from Mexico, like Carlos Zarate, Lupe Pintor, Chiquita Gonzalez, Pipino Cuevas, Ruben Olivarez and so many more were also joined by today´s kings of the WBC Devin Haney, Rey Martinez, Rey Vargas and Ashley Gonzalez. Many prospects from several countries and all over Mexico also were present as more than 150 boxers of all eras joined this landmark celebration.     Rodolfo Vargas, Mauricio Sulaiman and Lucy Sulaiman at WBC 60th Anniversary at Restaurant Arroyo.     Rodolfo Vargas, Julio Cesar Chavez, Mauricio Sulaiman, Roberto Duran, Rosendo Alvarez, Puas Olivares, Hijo del Santo, Ana Maria Torres, Jose Luis Castillo and Alfonso – WBC 60th Anniversary at Restaurant Arroyo.   Promoters made their way to join the celebration as Akemi Irie represented Teiken, Carl Moretti for Top Rank, Salvatore Cherchi, Ahmet Oener, Kevin Rooney for Matchroom, Fernando Beltran for Zanfer, Don Majeski, Yvon Michel, Tom Loeffler, Ricardo Maldonado, Ricardo Rizzo, and many more members of the boxing industry.   Members of The WBC Board of Governors came from all over the world, Philippines, Thailand, USA, Argentina, Tunizia, Lituania, Nicaragua, Panama, Italy, and France, ring officials, doctors, trainers, managers and members of the media, all celebrated like one big family.     WBC Board of Governors – WBC 60th Anniversary at Restaurant Arroyo.     Mike George, Duane Ford and Alberto Guerra – WBC 60th Anniversary at Restaurant Arroyo.   May 30 is the day of birth of Jose Sulaiman, so the celebration could not have been better as his presence was felt at all times.     Don José Sulaiman Chagnón, the most important Commissioner in the history of boxing.   The WBC is unique, is hope and glory, is green and gold, The WBC is greatness, is compassion, is the friendly hand that works diligently to make boxing safer and better, it is for the boxers before, during and after the glory days in the ring.   Ruben “Puas” Olivarez was recognized as this year marks 50 years since his conquering the WBC world bantamweight championship, a proud Hall of Fame legend who also won the featherweight title and held some of the greatest and toughest battles inside the ring.     Ruben “Puas” Olivares receiving his WBC belt – WBC 60th anniversary at Restaurant Arroyo.   Ana Maria Torres was recognized as the greatest women boxer of the history in Mexico.     Evander Holyfield and Ana María Torres – WBC 60th anniversary at Restaurant Arroyo.     Devin Haney, Ana Maria Torres, Cristobal Mora and Mauricio Sulaiman – WBC 60th anniversary at Restaurant Arroyo.   The atmosphere and ambience was magical, it was all happiness, smiles, pictures, fun, great food, delicious fruit drinks, tequila, mezcal and beer, traditional candy and desserts. Music, sensitive speeches, and touching video messages from Mike Tyson, Canelo Alvarez, Tyson Fury, Manny Pacquiao, Cecilia Braekus and a beauty from Don King!   Why make a party like this? To celebrate life through boxing and with the so many friends that this sport allows us to meet from all over the world, people who share the same values and principles, boxing lovers and enthusiasts; to celebrate that our sport is stronger than ever, and to cherish those steps that have made our sport grow in the right direction while safe guarding the integrity of our athletes like no other sport does.     Sulaiman Family – WBC 60th anniversary at Restaurant Arroyo.     Wonderful celebration – WBC 60th anniversary at Restaurant Arroyo.     WBC 60th anniversary at Restaurant Arroyo.     Mexican Regional dancers – WBC 60th Anniversary at Restaurant Arroyo.     Devin Haney awarded by Mauricio Sulaiman – WBC 60th Anniversary at Restaurant Arroyo.     WBC 60th Anniversary at Restaurant Arroyo.     WBC 60th Anniversary at Restaurant Arroyo.   How was boxing 60 years ago? Brutal and almost inhuman, referees were basically observers, hardly ever stopped a fight, 15-round championship fights, those three last rounds that took a heavy price on the health and wellbeing of so many, the official weigh-in was the same day of the fight, just a few hours before going into the ring to battle, rings had only three ropes, gloves and hand wraps had no regulations, six-ounce gloves and heavyweights would fight with eight-ounce ones, there were no real medical examinations, no antidoping tests – I could go on with so many more facts. This is what we celebrated, the WBC leadership to promote most, if not all of these changes that have saved so many lives and secured a healthy life after the ring for many.   Reyes was present with great pride at this celebration. Custom made heavy and speed bags, a full size ring where people went into it to try hitting the mitts with former champions, power bag testing those who dared, a photograph gallery of special moments and of course the WBC belt exhibition at Cantiflas room prior to entering the dining hall where 960 guests enjoyed what will be remembered as one of the greatest gatherings in the history of boxing.     Cleto Reyes, always present with the WBC.
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