AIBA issues new Membership Policy and renounces to collect the 2021 annual membership fee from its National Federations due to the COVID pandemic

(January 22, 2021) – AIBA renounces to ask National Federations to pay any membership fee for the year 2021 in view of the exceptional situation caused by the COVID pandemic.

The AIBA Board has further adopted today a new Membership policy providing for highest standards of governance to be met by all members of the boxing family. Such enhanced criteria applicable to AIBA members were approved by the organization’s Board of Directors. 

This new policy and other several important initiatives were adopted at the first AIBA Board of Directors meeting of 2021 on January 22nd. The AIBA leadership voted in favour of new reforms which have to be implemented immediately.

AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev stressed that the Board was united in a strong desire to meet all of the criteria of the good governance.

‘Only in unity with the National Federations will we be able to achieve all the ambitious goals that AIBA is facing. Our task is not to take money from our members but to help them in everything. We have established new membership criteria to ensure good governance, integrity and transparency,’ stated the President. 

For instance, National Federations shall ensure that:

  • Officials are democratically elected, in full independence and without influence from third parties or government
  • Delegates at an AIBA Congress are validly appointed
  • Officials have an untarnished reputation
  • Each gender is adequately represented.

‘We started reforms from the day one, and today we took another important step. Together, we can take all the necessary measures to bring AIBA back to the Olympic family. For this, the efforts and work of each of our National Federations is important to us,’ said Mr. Kremlev. 

National Federations will have increased reporting obligations. In addition to informing AIBA about holding national elections and their outcome each federation should report each year, before February 28, about its structure, activities and projects.  

‘This new monitoring tool will allow AIBA to have a better understanding of the issues affecting National Federations and their need. We can also ensure that our National Federations are truly active in developing boxing in their respective country. This will allow AIBA to adjust its development programmes based on the situation in each country,’ said Mr. Kremlev. 

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