Alex “The A Rock” Winwood: “Get a dream, hold onto it, and shoot for the sky, you’re are looking at the future Champion of the World!

Photo credit: Mike Ohara / Dragon Fire Boxing 

(June 8, 2023) – Alex Winwood known as “The A Rock” with his hard hitting style in the lighter weights is determined to make a statement next Friday June 16 as he headlines the Thunderdome 42 Event at the Metro City Stadium in Perth Western Australia.

Winwood is challenging WBC #5 Reyneris Gutiierez for the WBC Straw weight International title in his 3rd fight, the bigger the fight put in front of Winwood, the better he is going to look he feels.

The 25-year-old Noongar man has quickly settled into professional boxing at the pace of Usain Bolt. He remains undefeated after two fights after already notching a win over far more experienced former world champion Tibo Monabesa. He has quickly ascended to number 12 in the IBF and number 13 in the WBC World Rankings at Strawweight. 

The man dubbed “The A Rock” has relocated from WA to the far-north coast of NSW to give himself every opportunity for championship glory as he trains with the WBO World Champion Jason Moloney and former WBA World Champion Andrew Moloney and train under the tutelage of trainer of Champions Angelo “H” Hyder. 

Alex and his team are very bullish about what could be on the horizon, with the goal of breaking Jeff Fenech’s record of just seven fights before claiming a world title firmly in their sights. 

Despite being a relative unknown and still fresh to pro-circles, Winwood feels he’ll continue looking the goods as time goes on. 

“I rise to the challenge and I feed of pushing myself and the boundaries, Im told in my last fight I was insane for fighting the former IBO World Champion Tibo Monabesa in my second fight,

I think the better the opponent they put in front of me the better I fight,” he said. 

“Gutierrez  is trained by the legendary trainer Rosendo Alvarez so I know hes coming to fight and push on to a World title shot of his own, that will not happen. I busted my arse for 6 weeks in America and sparred the best there from minimum weight to Super Bantamweight to leave no stone unturned in my quest to become the World Champion”

“I just think as the levels progress that I can show more of my weapons. I haven’t shown everything in the arsenal yet. But as the levels progress more things will come out.”

June 16 the road begins again “Get a dream, hold onto it, and shoot for the sky, you’re are looking at the future Champion of the World! – Alex “A Rock” Winwood

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