Bruno ‘The Terminator’ Tarimo puts hand up for impatient Xu Can with no clear date for Josh Warrington

(January 4, 2021) – Chinas only World Champion WBA World Featherweight Champion Xu Can, is growing frustrated with the uncertainty of an upcoming unification clash with Josh Warrington.

The boxer from the Fuzhou, Jiangxi province, has been out of the ring since retaining the WBA’s World featherweight championship by winning a unanimous decision over Manny Robles in November 2019.

Xu (18-2, 3 KOs) has been waiting for a long time to get in the ring with International Boxing Federation (IBF) featherweight champion Josh Warrington (30-0, 7 KOs) and with the recent covid issues in the UK it doesn’t look like happening anytime soon

“I’m tired of waiting; I want to be a fighting champion. Many professional fighters I know have retired and become coaches because there is really no competition during these times. Some even changed careers and got other jobs. But I have to fight. It’s my job. After all, I have waited for a year for the chance to face Warrington. My next goal is a unification war.”

One fighter offering his services to the impatient Xu Can is WBA and IBF World rated Bruno “The Termintor” Tarimo 25-2

Tarimo, The Australian based Tanzanian is the chief sparring partner of Australia’s greatest export The Fighting Moloney Twins Andrew and Jason.

Bruno discussed a potential WBA World Featherweight Clash with Can.

“Xu Can, I know your frustration I went over 1 year before my last fight. If there is no Warrington, I’m ready to fight you in Australia, In China, or if your lounge room. For me it’s anyone, anywhere, anytime.

I would do anything to fight for the World title. I live in Australia, because of the pandemic I have not seen my wife or kids in over a year and I know with this World Championship opportunity it will change my families life.

Xu Can you throw a million punches, but you cannot stop the Terminator. My mission is to get the World title and I will not stop until I get my World Championship. Any one that gets in my way, Hasta La Vista baby!”

Should there be no Warrington fight in the immediate future, no doubt Can v Tarimo would deliver a fight of the year candidate.

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