DEERFIELD BEACH, FL  (July 5, 2023) – Two of Don King Productions’ longtime members—Vonda Carson and John Moceyunas—were elected to the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame.

Carson and Moceyunas were honored this past weekend in St. Petersburg, FL.

“I am thrilled that the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame has recognized two of Don King Productions’ most dedicated members,” said the World’s Greatest Boxing promoter Don King.  “Vonda Carson and John Moceyunas have always gone above and beyond the call of duty in staging every fight we have presented to boxing fans around the world.  They are certainly true boxing Hall of Famers.”

Vonda Carson has won numerous marketing and sales awards including becoming the first African American women to win the prestigious American Eagle Award for outstanding performance in Sales and Marketing. In her statement.

“I am honored to receive such prestigious recognition, but our achievements in life don’t define our character,” said Carson.  “We must all strive for a greater Good. Changing lives, making a difference in the service of others as was mentioned in my acceptance speech Sunday.  I consider myself a servant of this Great Sport of Boxing.  We are people behind the scenes.

“I am thankful for the Guidance and training I acquired from Don King, Dana Jamison and the Late Bobby Goodman, who inspired and groomed most of us, in Boxing OPS at DKP.  He taught me how to handle opposition and face my challenges head – on!  I would often hear Don say things like failure is not an option!  And “Working Together Works.”  

“It is indeed good to be a Trail Blazer first to be nominated in this Category by the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame class of 2023. I speak for all the Unsung Heroes, who never Fades nor Falter, always able to do what is necessary and needed to get the job done!  It is a tedious job of self-sacrifice, long hours, hard work and dedication, however with all of that we are willing to do It again, an again! 

“We are the servants of this Great Sport! with every Promotional Contract, Bout Agreement, Medical Report, Eye Exam, MRI, EKG, through every travel record, room reservation.  Through our many vast travels from country to country, our many encounters with Bellman, Concierge’s desks, Tramrails, countless numbers Hotel stays from City-to-City countless number border Custom Checks.

“We wouldn’t change a thing! For this is who we are! 

“With every victory and every agonizing defeat the Unsung Heroes knows his or her roll in consoling’s a child after his fathers has been K.O ED! Giving expressions of Love and care to a distraught Wife or Mother. Going to the hospital with the fighter who has a Detached Retina or a Head Concussion, 

“We are Guardians at the Gate, that brings the agonizing news of the bleak report of the Prize fighters, Fate.      For we are the Servants of this Great Sport!  

“I speak for all the Unsung Heroes behind the scenes, I thank you for this opportunity to serve and when my time is done… as I pass the baton on to a younger generation for it is  my prayer that they have, the Passion and Love of this Great SPORT!

“I leave Mahatma Gandhi’s quote “that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Moceyunas has been Don King’s compliance coordinator for more than 29 years.  He rose through the ranks to Director of Operations.

Moceyunas has worked on more than 340 World Championship events including four of nine of the biggest pay per view events of all-time, which results in more than 1 billion dollars in revenue.   

Moceyunas also worked in DKP International Sales and handled the accounting of international sales for 19 years as well as IT operations for the organization.

John and the DKP team worked to digitize and manage the entire Don King Productions fight library consisting of 18,000 tapes including more than 632 events with more than 4,250 bouts and more than 300,000 photographs of some of the most iconic fights in the history of professional boxing.   Moceyunas and the DKP team also developed, the very first online streaming portal for boxing back in 2006.  He has streamed events with total views of more than 25 million over his tenure.  John Moceyunas and Team DKP continue to help direct legendary promoter Don King’s television operations.  He directed the first boxing event ever streamed from wireless public internet, worldwide to more than 52 countries on Jan. 29, 2022.

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