Dragon Fire Boxing sign WBC regional champ Victor Nagbe

(October 4, 20221) – Ahead of the return of the famed Dragon Fire Boxing series, it has been revealed that WBC Australasian middleweight champion Victor Nagbe has signed a long-term agreement with Dragon Fire Boxing headed up by Australian boxing mainstay Tony Tolj.

Nagbe is coming off a win against Aussie Boxing legend Sam Soliman in his last outing, and the heralded Muay Thai and Kickboxer now looks to push on his in professional boxing career under the guidance of Tolj and Dragon Fire Boxing.

The Liberian-born middleweight opened up about his recent career move. “I am very privileged and honored to sign with Tony Tolj and Dragon Fire Boxing. Tony is a long-standing great man in Australian boxing, and he has traveled the world with fighters such as Chris John and the Moloney brothers, so I can see a future where he is traveling the world with me. 

“I wanted to sign with a manager that cares about his fighters, and Mr. Tolj showed how much he cares about his fighters by spending a lot of time quarantining to make sure Andrew and Jason Moloney get the opportunities to have big fights in the United States.

“Dragon Fire Boxing also has many international fighters from all over the world, so they understand how to work with different cultures, this really attracted me to working with them.” 

Nagbe’s last outing saw the Aussie-based Liberian outpoint the great Sam Soliman over ten rounds in just his fourth professional outing. Nagbe discussed his future plans in the pro ranks.

He said, “I was very happy with my performance in my last fight against a great fighter in Sam Soliman. It was a privilege to share a ring with such a great champion. I hope I showed my level in this fight and that it showed that I can progress quickly as a professional fighter.

“I was a world champion as a kickboxer, and my goal is the same in boxing. I want to get to the top of the sport and I believe I have the right platform to be able to do that with Dragon Fire Boxing. I want to continue winning titles and I believe I am in the right place to do that.” 

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