Due to USA Boxing Issuing a threat to its Members USBL Cancels February 13th Scouting Event

DENVER (January 23, 2021) – It is with great regret and discomfort that the United States Boxing League is forced to cancel the February 13, 2021 boxing scouting event.

The cancellation is due to the direct impact of a threatening notice sent to its membership by USA Boxing. The notice delivered by Jeanne DePriest (Colorado LBC) on behalf of USA Boxing Executive Director, Mike McAtee, clearly states any boxer will lose their amateur eligibility. This is completely false and untrue, the only way an amateur can lose the ability to compete as an amateur is to turn professional!

To further elevate the scare tactic, USA Boxing took it upon themselves to represent and speak on behalf of the Colorado Commission stating anyone participating in a USBL event would be charged with a crime. This is also false, first and foremost, the only way a person can be charged with a crime would be to commit a crime! Any wrongdoing would fall upon the promoter and not on any participants. In a case such as this, the promoter would have to violate Colorado Boxing Statute to commit any crime.

This notice is a brute attack against the USBL in a move to keep a monopoly and the control of athletes participating in amateur competition by USA Boxing.

USBL will not engage in ad hominem attacks with USA Boxing but rather follow the recommendations of our legal department.

USBL respects the decision of any and all participants that elected to ‘pull-out’ and not participate in the February 13, 2021 scouting event due to this threatening notice from USA Boxing. For the athletes and officials who indicated they will continue in participation, we thank you and look forward to a new date. New contests will be made with contestants that understand the benefits and enhancements to their boxing careers.

The notice below was brought to our attention on Friday, January 22, 2021, by participants and USA Boxing members.

Colorado LBC
We have received calls from several of you asking if USA Boxing members are allowed to participate in United States Boxing League (USBL), “Semi-Pro” amateur boxing events. Apparently, Aurelio Martinez represents his events as being okay for amateur boxers and coaches to participate in. After checking with the USA Boxing national office, we learned that USA Boxing members should not participate in these events as they could lose their amateur eligibility….this applies to boxers, coaches and officials. USA Boxing contacted the Colorado Boxing Commission and was told that not only were USBL events not sanctioned by the State of Colorado, but anyone participating in this type of event could be charged with a crime AND be banned from obtaining a future professional boxing license.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this email, please contact either me or Executive Director, Mike McAtee at USA Boxing and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

970-978-5188 (cell)
970-663-1315 (home & fax)

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