Elijah Akana is is Set To Turn Professional, Signs with a Manager and Promoter

Reading, PA (August 29, 2023)–Amateur heavyweight standout Elijah Akana is ready to take the next step in his career. The 2022 Golden Glove National Champion is making the transition to the paid ranks. 

He signed a multi-year managerial deal with Trifon Petrov and a promotional pact with Kings Promotions. 

Akana who was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii is a natural athlete, he played various sports growing up such as football, basketball and all types of water sports. He did not pick up boxing until he was a 26 year old when a friend invited him to the local boxing gym. It was love at first sight. Elijah Akana felt right at home once he stepped in the boxing ring for the first time. 

“I always got into fights growing up in Hawaii. Fighting is in our DNA, there is such a rich history of fighting in Hawaiian culture. Boxing came like second nature to me. Once I put on those gloves for the first time, I knew that’s what I wanted to do as a career path.”- said Elijah Akana. 

Starting late in boxing meant that Akana had to work three times as hard as his opponents in order to be successful in the ring. 

“What always set me apart throughout my life was that I’ve always been willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. Going into my first National Tournament, I knew I was in a disadvantage because I had to compete against fighters who have been boxing since they were 10 years old, but what always set me apart from my opponents is my heart and willingness to put it all on the line.“- said Akana

His amateur career was short, but very successful. It all culminated with him winning the National Golden Gloves tournament in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

“Elijah’s story is very different from your typical National Champion. He is a living proof that if you work tirelessly to chase your dreams everything is possible. Nobody thought somebody who picks up the sport at 26 years old would be one of the best fighters in the country. Elijah Akana is a great role model for his daughters and the upcoming generation of fighters.”- said Trifon Petrov. 

“I’m very excited to welcome Elijah as part of the Kings Boxing family. He is another high level National Champion we are able to work with. He is very talented and the sky’s the limit.”- said Marshall Kauffman of Kings Promotions.

Here is what Elijah added about the signing with Marshall Kauffman and Trifon Petrov. 

“I am extremely honored and excited to be able to sign with a promoter like Marshall Kauffman. He’s built a lot of World Champions and opened doors for a lot of up and coming fighters. 

Trifon has a great eye for talent and I am humbled he saw something special in me and gave me the opportunity to work together.  I am sure with their help, I’ll be a World Champion in the future”

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