Elijah Pierce wants Ra’esse Aleem, Sam Goodman

(August 11, 2023) – World rated contender Elijah Pierce (18-2, 15 KOs) needed just three rounds to knock out Mike Plania (28-3, 15 KOs) on Friday night. The event was promoted by Overtime Boxing and streamed on DAZN. Pierce is currently world rated by the WBC, IBF and WBO. The 26 year old southpaw connected with a short and succinct shotgun left hand that dropped Plania, and the Florida-based Filipino fighter failed to pick himself back up from the canvas. This marks the first time Plania has been stopped in 31 fights. “I’ve been telling everybody, the power is real. I know I’m the hardest punching super bantamweight in the world. I feel like I’m the only one who can beat Inoue, as once he feels my shots he’ll respect me.”- said Pierce. Elijah’s manager Trifon Petrov has been pushing for a big fight for his fighter. “This was an extremely impressive win for Pierce. He did the unthinkable and stopped Plania. Pierce is on a tear since we started working together, he won 9 in a row, 7 by knockout. He paid his dues, he is ready for the biggest names in the weight class.”- said Trifon Petrov. After last week’s win, Pierce proved once again he is a top 5 fighter in the world. He is a high risk fight for all those rated above him, so whenever Elijah Pierce’s name comes up most fighters don’t even want to entertain a conversion about possibly fighting him. “I know my manager has been working on trying to make the Ra’esee Aleem fight. I will take this fight in a heart beat. Him and I are the best USA based fighters in the weight class. Let’s run it.” said Pierce. When asked about Stephen Fulton, here is what Pierce had to say. “Although I think Fulton is a great fighter and I respect him, I have seen a lot of flaws I could exploit and he also showed how he does with big punchers. If he and I ever fight, it would be another one-sided beating just like what Inoue did to him… would he fight me though is the question?” Pierce wouldn’t mind going overseas and fighting some of the big names there either. “I’ve gone to people’s hometowns and embarrassed them in front of their families and friends. I wouldn’t mind going to Australia and doing the same to Sam Goodman.”- said Elijah Pierce.

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