Grand Opening Ceremony Of AIBA Men’s World Championships To Celebrate Boxing

(October 15, 2021) – AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships start on the 24th of October 2021 at 19:00 local time with a Grand Opening Ceremony at Štark arena in Belgrade. 

Only nine days remain until one of the most spectacular championships in boxing history. The event will draw the attention of the whole world, with more than 100 participating countries. Famous boxers from every continent are coming to Belgrade to compete at the highest level and determine the best of the best. 

Organizers promise a memorable event with top boxing stars, international and local celebrities and officials. AIBA Ambassadors boxing champion Roy Jones Jr., Serbian actor Milos Bikovic, international actor Said Taghmaoui, two-time AIBA World champion Roberto Cammarelle and German boxer Zeina Nassar will take part in the ceremony.

‘This will be a huge celebration of boxing,’ AIBA President Umar Kremlev claimed. ‘We want to show the whole world how united and strong the boxing family is. This event will be a highlight of the year for men’s competitions. We are looking forward to seeing our top athletes competing for the title of world champion.’

‘I really appreciate this chance to be a part of the AIBA Family and represent boxing as AIBA Ambassador. This is a new chapter for AIBA that promises to deliver a fair chance and a fair fight for every boxer of the world,’ said legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr.

‘I am so proud to be an Ambassador of AIBA as a passionate fan of boxing for many years. I can’t wait to come to Serbia, to see exciting fights and new world champions crowned. It’s going to be a great event,’ Said Taghmaoui, international actor said.

The famous Romanian singer INNA, Dejan Petrovich and Van Gogh band will headline the show at Štark arena. The spectators and viewers will enjoy unforgettable performances.

Significant prize money is to be awarded to medalists of the tournament; the prize fund is set at $2.6 million. Gold medalists of each category will receive $100,000, silver medalists are to be given $50,000, and both bronze medalists (semi-finalists) will be awarded $25,000.

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