IBA announces eligible athletes for the upcoming European Games 2023 to ensure IBA ranked athletes’ right to compete

Lausanne, Switzerland (April 28, 2023) – With the European Games 2023 set to start in less than two months, the International Boxing Association (IBA) in a move to ensure its ranked athletes have a fair chance to compete at the European Games, has released the official list of eligible boxers based on the internationally recognized IBA ranking system for the European Games 2023 boxing tournament.

The IBA stresses the importance of a fair selection criteria for the continental event, where IBA rankings reflect the most up-to-date situation in the sport of boxing with the most important events outcome included.

“The IBA fights for a fair chance for every one of its athletes which is a cornerstone of any boxing competition, and we must continue to protect our athletes and National Federation members. We take our duty to do so seriously, as we will not stand to see our athletes efforts and hard-earned competition results ignored.” IBA Secretary General and CEO George Yerolimpos said.

The IBA reiterates its commitment to fair opportunities for all athletes and that an athlete-first approach should prevail as there is no place for politics in our sport, and IBA shows this with its actions.

The European Games 2023 will take place in Krakow-Małopolska, Poland from 21 June – 2 July 2023.

To view the official list of eligible boxers for the European Games 2023, please click here.

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