IBA Board of Directors agree on the creation of Professional Boxing Committee to regulate IBA Champions’ Night pro-style tournaments

Dubai, UAE – The IBA Board of Directors today took the unanimous decision during their official meeting in Dubai today to create a Professional Boxing Committee that will regulate IBA pro-style tournaments such as the Champions’ Night as the successful platform develops further.

‘We are creating the conditions for our boxers from the grass roots age so that boxers can continue to develop through their career. IBA is the Home of boxing, and we invite them into our house to study with us to ensure that their journey to professional boxing is managed the absolute best way. They say, do what you love, and at IBA we are creating a Professional Boxing Committee that will be responsible for supporting the career development and promotion of our boxers,’ IBA Secretary General and CEO Chris Roberts OBE said.

In addition, two new members will be appointed to the IBA Athletes’ Committee following the resignations of two other members, with the Committee electing a male representative to the IBA Board of Directors. 

The IBA Board received an update on its CAS appeal against the IOC decision, after hearings that took place on 16 November 2023. The decision of the court is expected to be made in 2024. 

Several National Federations were recommended to be excluded from the IBA following the fact that they have effectively joined the rogue boxing organization; IBA do categorically not accept dual membership.

A number of newly formed Federations will hopefully be granted membership to the IBA post key decisions to be made at the Congress.

The audited accounts and reports for 2022-2023 were unanimously approved by the Board of Directors and will be proposed for approval at the IBA Congress.

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