IBA clarifies the requirements to compete as a Neutral Athlete under the IBA flag

Lausanne, Switzerland (October 4, 2023) – According to article 4.1.2 of the IBA Technical and Competitions Rules, the IBA may grant the status of a Neutral Athlete to selected individuals without support from the National Federation, as well as refugees. IBA issues clarification on the article following multiple requests. 

Due to the ever-changing landscape, IBA continues to remain dedicated to its athletes in whatever situation and circumstance. Bout volume remains a key aspect for many, and with the potential lack of ‘high-end’ competition, boxers may be left behind in terms of their overall growth and development as an athlete. This is duly recognized by IBA, and something that we absolutely understand. The ability to box as a neutral athlete opens up wider scope and opportunities for the future.

In order to apply for neutral boxer status, the athlete should in the first instance send an official letter of request to sport@iba.sport, duly signed, with the respective Confederation being in copy of the correspondence. The boxer should provide the IBA with copies of the record book, a valid national passport, they should also indicate the last National Federation they were affiliated with and the last competition they participated in under its authority. Refugees should provide the IBA with a document demonstrating their status.    

The permission is granted solely at IBA’s discretion and is not subject to appeal. 

The detailed process can be read in full here.  

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