IBA launches new website as part of rebranding campaign

(March 31, 2002) – International Boxing Association has launched its new website following a rebranding where a new acronym and visual identity were revealed at the Extraordinary Congress in December 2021.  

The redesigned website offers visitors easy access to information about IBA’s reform process, management team and the Board of Directors as well as technical information, the latest news and upcoming events on the calendar. The new website also reflects IBA’s ongoing commitment to widespread reform, based on three main priorities: governance reform, sporting integrity and financial integrity. By making information clearly available regarding IBA’s governance, policies and finances, the website also contributes to IBA’s significant steps forward in terms of transparency. 

IBA President Umar Kremlev commented: “For the last year IBA has demonstrated its determination to deliver positive change by taking big steps towards stability, transparency and integrity. We are doing much more than just making big improvements in individual parts of IBA. We are changing our whole culture in a progressive and lasting way. The new IBA is ready to serve the boxers of today and tomorrow, together with all those who support them.” 

The launch of the new website is the first of a two-phase process. For the next phase, IBA will provide ongoing support to the Continental Confederations and National Federations in creating and updating their own websites. 

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