IBA President Umar Kremlev met Serbian President Alexander Vučić to discuss the future inauguration of the National Boxing Training Center in Belgrade

3 December 2023

Belgrade, Serbia – IBA President Umar Kremlev joined Serbian President Alexander Vučić for a meeting to discuss the inauguration of the National Boxing Training Center. They have coordinated the imminent laying of the foundation stone, a pivotal moment marking the commencement of the center’s construction.

President Kremlev expressed gratitude to the government for their steadfast support, foreseeing a significant leap in the development of boxing in Serbia and the emergence of numerous champions. The planned boxing center is envisioned to be a catalyst for the sport’s advancement, with a seating capacity for 3500 spectators to host grand events. Additionally, there are ambitious plans for hosting a future edition of the IBA Champions’ Night in Serbia.

The Belgrade meeting, featuring legendary boxing figures such as Roy Jones Jr., Alexander Povetkin, and Denis Lebedev, showcased a collective commitment to fostering the growth of boxing in Serbia. President Vučić perceives the center as a crucial milestone on this transformative journey.

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