IBA reiterates that dual membership is not possible for National Federations choosing to join rogue organization

Lausanne, Switzerland – The IBA leadership reiterated its message to National Federations that dynamic risk assessment and a carefully thought-out long-term plan should be considered by those National Federations before they make any irreversible membership decision as the IBA does not accept dual membership. To reiterate and to confirm, dual membership is not something that IBA are accepting, nor considering.

We have seen the Dutch Boxing Federation, which is currently a suspended IBA member, acknowledge publicly the uncertainties associated with leaving the IBA given the limited competitions, and financial support. These are the main reasons why well-run NFs have hesitated to make rash decisions and leave the IBA given the lack of concrete actions from the rogue organization.

Seeking a solution to allow for their athletes to compete at the Olympics is truly understandable, as many of National Federations are dependent on Olympic funds from the state/NOCs. However, the Olympics represents only 248 elite athletes in total. To get there, a boxer must go from grassroots to the top gradually, gaining experience and fighting the best to excel. In addition, there are 4 years in between the Games, and the boxers need to train and compete to develop their skills, grow professionally while also making a living to get them to the next Olympic cycle.

IBA provides all these opportunities today, while the alternative organization does not. IBA has secured the budget for the next 4-year cycle that includes IBA’s events portfolio, prize money fund, Financial Support Program (FSP) and various development initiatives. Moreover, there are not any guarantees that the alternative organization will receive IOC recognition, because this process is quite long and complicated. At the same time, IBA has started the process of demonstrating to the Court of Arbitration for Sport the progress achieved recently by the IBA within the governance, finances, and integrity of the competitions.

The IBA continues to be the Home of Boxing for five Confederations, with nearly 200 National Federations and thousands of boxers, coaches, and officials from around the globe. The organization does not prevent anyone from participating in the Olympic Games or Olympic qualification events and welcomes all boxers and officials to IBA’s events regardless of their National Federation status. It is also important that IBA is ready to support its National Federations and boxers (including financially) in participation in the Olympic Games.    

The IBA continues to remain as the only international boxing governing body. We will stand for our athletes as well as defending our 77-year history and positive achievements that have culminated over these years. We are already protecting our integrity, amongst which by association is our hierarchical framework and its valued members. IBA truly understands the need to support National Federations, and in turn it associated clubs and its affiliated members.   

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