István Kovács appointed Secretary General of AIBA

(March 23, 2021) – Two-times AIBA World Champion and Olympic champion István Kovács was appointed as a Secretary General of the International Boxing Association (AIBA). 

The decision was taken by the AIBA Board of Directors on Monday, March 22nd, during a meeting via videoconference. 

‘The fate of our organization has to be decided and will be decided by the boxers themselves. They have dedicated their entire lives to boxing, they know it from the inside and understand the needs for our sport effective development better than any managers. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that the Board of Directors members have approved István Kovács as AIBA Secretary General. István Kovács is a two-time World Champion and an Olympic champion, boxing is life and AIBA is a family for him. I am positive that as Secretary General he will be able to bring AIBA to a fundamentally new efficiency level and transparency of management,’ said AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev.

‘I am very grateful for the confidence placed in me by the AIBA Board of Directors. It is a great honor and at the same time a great responsibility to become the Secretary General of the International Boxing Association and to work together with President Umar Kremlev, a man who lives by boxing. Now AIBA is undergoing a period of global reforms. All of them are necessary for boxing to develop as a sport loved by millions of people around the globe so that our athletes and coaches show the best results in international competitions at all levels. I see that the new AIBA leadership is heading in the right direction and is committed to working with full dedication to support and reinforce this course of positive change. I pledge to act in the best interests of boxing and guarantee maximum openness and democracy in my work. I am sure that together we will be able to carry out all the necessary reforms and bring AIBA to a fundamentally new level,’ Mr. Kovács said.

Mr. István Kovács will take over as AIBA Secretary General this week.

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