(November 16, 2023) – ProBox Promotions continues to be the number one destination for mid-week boxing as the card from Wednesday, November 15 delivered, which streamed live on the ProBoxTV YouTube page and app. This week’s bouts saw another upset decision during the main event, the birth of a potential new player in the lightweight division during the co-main, and a bizarre ending to a fight.

Johan Gonzalez pulls out the upset decision victory over Guido Emmanuel Schramm

This was supposed to be a fight that brought Guido Emmanuel Schramm (16-2-2, 9 KOs) to the forefront, but instead, Johan Gonzalez (34-2, 33 KOs) made a name for himself by squeezing out a narrow decision. The judges scored this one 95-95, 97-93 & 96-94, giving the 32-year-old junior middleweight the victory.

During the fight, Chris Algieri, who was calling the action, said, “Gonzalez is a bit of a one-trick pony,” which was true, but Schramm couldn’t get going early enough to come away with the victory. During the first half of the fight, Schramm was more conservative and gave Gonzalez too much respect for his punching power. This allowed Gonzalez to land the more of the showy shots, which didn’t help Schramm get into a rhythm.

From the middle of the fifth round to the end of the fight, Schramm appeared to be the more confident fighter and started to use his athleticism to frustrate Gonzalez. Although Gonzalez would land big shots occasionally, it wasn’t enough to get Schramm into trouble. The accidental headbutt in the ninth round woke Schramm up, and he started to unload, but his shots weren’t landing cleanly; therefore, Gonzalez’s pop shots looked better. Ultimately, it was too little, too late for Schramm as he suffered the second defeat of his career.

Justin Pauldo scored an impressive fourth-round TKO over Jerry Perez

Jerry Perez (14-4-1, 11 KOs), with a nose bleeding like a running faucet, did not get up from his stool in between rounds, awarding Justin Pauldo (17-1, 8 KOs) the fourth-round TKO victory. 

It was an action opening round as Pauldo was doing a great job to catch & shoot while Perez was trying to land his shots from mid-range. During the second round, Algieri said, “Pauldo has really nice feints,” as he used that and his speed to set up his offense. Pauldo hurt Perez with a counter right hand but stayed composed and applied smart pressure. Perez’s nose started bleeding profusely but made it through the round.

In the third round, Pauldo’s tight defense could not be ignored as he used it to perry Perez’s shots and land some of his own. Pauldo would land a nice counter left hook and overhand right, which Perez had no answer for. After sitting on his stool, Perez decided not to continue, and the fight was called to a halt.

Jimmy Kelly earns a bizarre fifth-round disqualification victory

Although Jimmy Kelly (28-3, 10 KOs) was on his way to a victory, he was cut short by Juan Jose Velasco’s (24-6, 15 KOs)actions, which caused a disqualification in the fifth round.

Both fighters wasted no time in the first round as they were throwing heavy leather early. Kelly, who is a seasoned veteran, was more composed and led his offense with the left jab. Kelly did a great job changing his shots’ levels and had Velasco confused about what he wanted to do. Things got snippy towards the end of the round as the referee had to warn both fighters. It was a preview of what would eventually become the end of the fight.

Kelly focused on the body attack in the second round as Velasco was giving the impression that he didn’t want to be in there. Kelly landed some sharp right uppercuts and straight right hands. In the third round, Velasco landed a left hook low blow, forcing Kelly to take a knee after being battered to the body. Velasco would act rebellious for the remainder of the round, fighting with his hands down and asking to be hit in the face. 

The fourth round was more of the same for Kelly as he kept dominating Velasco, and at the beginning of the fifth round, there was a clash of heads. Velasco looked as though he wanted to get out of the fight, and after the referee broke up a hold, Velasco pushed the referee, and she immediately stopped the fight which resulted in the disqualification.

Emiliano Moreno crushes Daniel Lim in two rounds

To open up the ProBoxTV card, Emiliano Moreno (8-0, 5 KOs) earned a devastating second-round TKO at 2:59 seconds, handing Daniel Lim (10-1, 2 KOs) his first professional defeat. After a slow first half of the opening round, Lim began to jab his way in and land an overhand right, catching Moreno’s attention immediately. Moreno pressed but was wasting his shots and getting hit by Lim’s counter shots.

Moreno jumped out of the stool to start the second round, and the 18-year-old started to pump that left jab just outside mid-range. Once he began to get his rhythm, Moreno increased the pressure with an overhand right to the head and right hook to the body. 

Lim looked confused, and towards the end of the round, Moreno landed a huge right hook, sending Lim down for the first knockdown. Lim looked to be in excruciating pain but still managed to beat the count. Moreno landed a right hook to the head, and Lim took a knee for the second knockdown. He beat the count once again, and this time, Moreno rushed him, and Lim went down after a barrage of punches forcing the referee to stop the fight as there was a three knockdown rule in effect.

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