Jordon Murphy Returns To Fight In Front Of His Friends And Family

(April 12, 2022) – Jordon Murphy (2-0, 1KO), originally from Bensalem, PA, and now residing in Deerfield Beach, FL, will be returning to Bensalem to fight in front of his family and friends in a four-round super featherweight bout on Friday, May 13th at Parx Casino®.  I had the pleasure to talk with Jordon Murphy and hear his thoughts on fighting in front of his hometown fans in his last fight at Live! Casino and Hotel in South Philly on February 24th. Jordan’s career is still young, and he does not take for granted the fact that he gets to fight in front of his friends and family at this stage of his career.


What are your thoughts on your last fight?

“My thoughts were that it was something new. We expected him to come out wild and everything but being in the ring is something different than watching videos it was a new experience it was a tough fight fighting someone that is wild and non-stop like him, it was a tough fight but we got through it and I wasn’t that impressed with my performance but as long as we got the job done that all that counts and you will be seeing something different for the next fight.”

Did you enjoy fighting at home for your last fight?

“I loved it and I always said that would my dream to fight in front of my family and friends and to do it in my second fight was an amazing experience. I couldn’t ask for more it was wonderful having my family and friends out there it is a different atmosphere than my first fight in Florida so having everyone so close to me in my life around to see that peak like not even a peak on that ladder I have been climbing for years now and to finally be that point to perform in front of them was amazing”

Do you feel this fight is different than your last fight since this one is in your hometown while the last fight was in South Philly?

“Not really we go into every fight doing what we worked on in camp so what we are doing will be the same thing it’s all about just getting used to it being around the crowd and having this arena around you that’s the only difference is the arena the ring and it is different people but we don’t pay attention to that in the ring we just noting different we go in there and do the same stuff we have been working on getting the job done.”

Do you enjoy the pressure of fighting at home?

“I don’t mind the pressure for me I feel like it is not the same for others like my dad for my last two fights when we were backstage, he asked are you nervous? And I said no it’s a dream come true I’m happy to be in the place that I’m at right now at the point where I finally reached my first goal of being a professional boxer and have all there are different experiences, I don’t feel this nervous pressure. I like the crowd that’s why my nickname is jiggy all that stuff excites me. It’s no pressure I like working out I like going to the gym I love boxing and like I love this, and this is my life and what I was raised to do. I’m so used to the pressure I have been on national stages multiple times throughout my career I have had pressure since I was eight years old like being in front of Floyd Mayweather and people the pressure was always on me but now as a pro its something I have gotten used to.”

What are some skills that you want to improve on for this fight?

“In this camp well they fight with Nasir I had a shoulder injury for a little bit and he kind of pulled my arm a little bit in the second round and I wasn’t able to consistently throw that jab like I would have liked to. That is something we are working on to improve this camp is to build that shoulder strength up. we already got what we needed to be done for the shoulder. So we are back to normal and the main focus for this camp is building that jab and getting back to where it used to be and we didn’t even know I had an injury until we got late into camp. So we had to do what we had to we had to fight through the pain and that’s exactly what we did.”

If you have one message for the fans what would it be?

“To my fans and family lie, I appreciate every little thing you guys do for me just clicking the like button on my Instagram is more than enough I’m just blessed to have you around I don’t need anything in return from everyone this is my work I don’t expect anything from everybody I’m going to work regardless but to have my friends and family supporting me as much as they do is more than I could ever ask for and I am truly blessed to have everyone in my corner and on my side supporting mine toward this whole thing ad I promise at the end of all this there will be a return for you all.”

The live boxing event, which is produced by Joe Hand Promotions, will feature a six-round heavyweight bout between Sonny Conto (9-0, 7 KOs) out of Philadelphia, PA going up against Justin Rolfe (7-3-1, 5 KOs) fighting out of Fairfield, ME.

2021 Briscoe “Prospect of the year” Shinard Bunch (18-1-1, 15 KOs) out of Trenton, NJ will look to continue his 17-fight undefeated streak when he competes in an eight-round super lightweight fight.

The always entertaining Christopher Burgos (3-5-1, 1 KO), of North Philadelphia, PA, will face Philip Davis (2-5-1) of Worcester, MA, in a six-round lightweight contest.

Making his debut on the card will be 2014 Pennsylvania Golden Gloves champion Karl Wylie out of Coatesville, PA.

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