Kambosos Victorious Against Hughes

Aurelio Martinez, InsideBoxing.comaurelio@insideboxing.com

SHAWNEE, OKLAHOMA (July 23, 2023) – Former WBO, WBA & IBF world champion George Kambosos outshined his Yorkshire opponent Maxi Hughes with a 12-round majority decision to regain championship status. With the victory, Kambosos earned the crown of the IBF World Lightweight Champion.

Although a majority decision indicates a close fight, make no mistake this was clearly a win for Kambosos, absolutely no controversy in this contest, the correct boxer won the fight. Styles make fights, in this contest, the two completely dissimilar styles made it difficult for any of the two to take control and become the dominant boxer. On one side you had Kambosos with aggressive forward movement, always being set on his feet. And on the other side, you had Hughes being very mobile staying out of harm’s way, unwilling to engage in a slug-fest.

In watching the fight, Kambosos had the look of a polished boxer however his lack of knowledge of how to stop his opponent’s “On your toes” movement made, what should have been a “walk in the park” victory into a tough win and could have very well lost him the fight.

In my eyes rounds 1-4, 7, 10, and 11 went to Kambosos while rounds 5-6, 8-9, and 12 went to Hughes, making the outcome 115-113 in favor of Kambosos. I had a couple of rounds even, particularly round 8 which I gave to Hughes, reverse the two rounds and the fight could have easily been 117-111 for Kambosos.  My recommendation is to watch the fight and mute the sound.

Also on the card Keyshawn Davis (8-0) beat Francesco Patera (28-3) with a unanimous decision. Davis is one of my favorite new-generation boxers, look for him to become a world champion!

The fight game is a beautiful sport as it is fascinating, enjoy the action!

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