Less than 60 days left before the worldwide celebration of International Boxing Day

Lausanne, Switzerland – (June 30, 2023) As we have just hit the 60-day mark to International Boxing Day, the global boxing community is gearing up to celebrate together the sport that has captivated fans and athletes alike for many years. Set to take place on 27 August, the annual celebration brings together a boxing community of all ages, genders, nationalities, races, skin colors, and beliefs to honor and enjoy the sport’s rich history and cultural impact.

International Boxing Day aims to unite and celebrate our outstanding sport whilst showcasing the inspirational dedication of its community that inspires generations of fans to fully embrace the core values of community, inclusivity, and inspiration. Boxing is one of the only sports that touches all four corners of the globe, reaching into the most deprived areas of society – we as an organization remain dedicated to supporting our people.

The overarching theme of the celebration is “Beyond the Ring”, as apart from the athletes, who are the heart of boxing, it is very important to shine a spotlight on the coaches, medical personnel, referees and judges, officials, administrators, and, of course, our fans and spectators. While the boxers remain front and center, only together can we make boxing happen, and IBA remains the Home of Boxing for everyone; IBA Means Boxing. 

‘International Boxing Day is a testament to the power of sport in bringing people together. As we count down the days until this worldwide celebration, we are reminded of the incredible dedication and passion that makes boxing the captivating sport it is today. We look forward to celebrating with our boxers, coaches, officials, and fans, marking their resilience, courage, and impartiality, all those great qualities that inspire and motivate people around the globe,’ IBA President Umar Kremlev expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming event. 

In 2023, IBA marks the Year of Asia to celebrate the power of the continent and its continued development in all its countries. The Year of Asia is going to be reflected in the central celebration of International Boxing Day to mark the important milestones and highlight the great achievements of Asian boxers. 

The events around the world will feature various boxers and coaches, as well as fans who will take part in competitions, social events, and other boxing-related activities in their countries. By engaging the worldwide boxing community, International Boxing Day seeks to promote the sport’s values, encourage unity, and foster appreciation for its historical significance.

As the countdown to International Boxing Day continues, anticipation builds for this global event that commemorates boxing and its diverse community. In just 2 months, the world will come together to celebrate boxing and its unique ability to unite and inspire people from all walks of life.

International Boxing Day was founded by IBA President Umar Kremlev in 2017 as a national celebration. Within two years, the event expanded beyond borders and was officially recognized and celebrated by the IBA. Initially held on 22 July, International Boxing Day was rescheduled in 2021 to 27 August to coincide with the dates of the first IBA World Boxing Championships, which took place in Havana, Cuba in August 1974.

The IBA invites everyone who remains passionate about boxing to plan key activities to mark the sport and its people on 27 August. Join a movement and celebrate boxing’s impact beyond the sport on International Boxing Day.

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