My Thoughts on Canelo Álvarez Vs. David Benavidez …If and When

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(December 1, 2023) – David ‘The Monster’ Benavidez has always said he would beat Saul ‘Canelo’ Álvarez. However, most fans just played it off as a pitch for a mega-sized payday. After all, everyone wants to fight Álvarez, not so much for victory but because he is the money man. Álvarez holds the playing cards and has the say of who sits at the table. He can fight current champions or contenders, including a rematch against light-heavyweight champion Dmitrii Bivol, and the money will flow into his bank account. My guess is we’ll see a Bivol rematch before we witness a Canelo versus The Monster contest. Bivol will concede to Álvarez’s terms; why? Because Bivol became wealthy when he fought Álvarez, rich people want to become more prosperous. Bivol would not make near the money he would earn in a rematch against Álvarez, even if he fought the top five contenders in his division twice.

Let’s talk Benavidez. Team Canelo waivered away from this contest on the notion that it would not produce the considerable revenue to be listed as a Mega-Fight. And many fight fans were in agreement. The words in the boxing circles were, ‘Benavides has no movement,’ ‘He fights straight up and square,’ He has not fought a bone fide opponent,’ and so on. However, Team Benavidez and his fans beg to differ, citing that they [contenders] are afraid to enter the ring and face Benavidez.

This all changed on the night of November 25, 2023, when world champion and undefeated Demetrius Andrade took on the challenge of dethroning the WBC Interim World Super Middle Title holder Benavidez. Andrade looked good at the start of the contest, having choice rounds in the 1st and 2nd. But the fourth round was the beginning of the end for Andrade. Benavidez would knock Andrade down in round number four, and Andrade retires in the 6th. round.

“Benavidez’s dominance over a bona fide opponent silenced the critics and answered any questions if he was a bona fide opponent against Canelo.” That is what I said at the time, and I still feel the same.

Should a Álvarez Vs Benavidez become a reality and happen within the next 36 months, the boxing world is in for a huge treat! This contest has the ingredients to be the fight of the decade.

In Canelo vs. ‘The Monster’ we have two worthy contestants, each capable of defeating the other. Both boxers will fight for pride and honor, possess excellent boxing skills, and have advantages over one another.

My thoughts on keys to victory:

Benavidez will have to utilize his height and reach advantage to be successful. A good jab alone will not defeat Álvarez. Benavidez will need to fight at his power distance, moving Canelo back.

Canelo must be in tip-top shape to produce an active and high punch count output. Canelo’s timing will have to be on point to ensure his elusive defense makes solid and decisive countershots.

Things to watch for that can impact the boxer’s performances:

Will Canelo’s power shots stop the aggressive forward movement for which Benavidez is known? If so, Canelo wins the fight.

Canelo has one of the best chins in the sport. How will Benavidez react should his best shots not affect Canelo the way they have condemned Benavidez’s past opponents?

Should this contest be made, I cannot think of a better venue to serve as host other than the Spere in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Álvarez has choices in lining up opponents. The top three revenue-[generating] Mega-Fights Álvarez can make today:

#1 Benavidez

#2 Terence Crawford

#3 Bivol

Fight fans, let’s push for #1

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