Rewarding the best: AIBA World Championships medalists to earn prize money boost

(September 16, 2021) – For the first time in AIBA’s 75-year history, medal winners at the forthcoming AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships in Belgrade, Serbia will be rewarded with significant prize money from AIBA. The prize money fund has been set at $2,6 million USD.
The prize for first place is $100 000 USD. Silver medalists receive $50 000 USD, and both bronzes in each weight category receive $25 000 USD.

“It is the first time AIBA will reward medalists of the World Championships financially, and this is how it should be. This money is well-deserved taking into account the years of preparations required to earn a place at AIBA’s top tournament and the efforts made. We know this development will be a major benefit for our boxers. Not only should they be successful in the ring, but also self-sufficient and prosperous,” AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev said.

AIBA Secretary General Mr. Istvan Kovacs claimed that this initiative is important for the boxers who are working hard.

“AIBA provides its athletes a fair chance to earn a living as well as to have extra motivation. I know how much these possibilities mean for boxers. I am happy for those who are having this chance now, and to be leading the way AIBA is making these opportunities happen for today’s athletes. It’s a big step toward our big goal to build a sustainable boxing pathway,” he said.

The AIBA World Boxing Championships will start on October 24th with a grand opening ceremony at Štark Arena in Belgrade and reach a pinnacle with 13 finals on November 5-6.

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