By Mauricio Sulaimán – President of the WBC – Son of José Sulaimán

October 10, 2023 – President of the WBC – Son of José Sulaimán   The world is united in prayers for peace, following the terrible events of this past weekend in the never-ending cycle of conflict between Israel and Palestine. More war, in addition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, bringing death, destruction, chaos and grief. This violence impacts the daily life of families, schools, livelihoods, and generations in every way imaginable. The only thing we can do is ensure that harmony and unity prevail in our close circles. Let’s all pray for peace in the world, to end the cowardly attacks to innocent people and civilians, to end brutality and chaos and stop terrorism.  
October is the month in which the battle against breast cancer is promoted, it is the pink month. The World Boxing Council joins this noble cause in which everyone is sought and included, to raise awareness, mainly to promote self-exploration with the aim of early detection, since this damned and accursed cancer is beatable and defeatable, if treated in a timely manner. Caught early.
The WBC carries out a wide variety of activities around the world: the use of pink gloves in fights, referees with pink shirts, bows, and pins for all types of events, t-shirts with pink bows worn by champions, officials, and all members of the boxing community, in addition to awareness events with sensitive talks. All together now!
Speaking of women, this Saturday was the tenth ceremony held of the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame, in which the honor was highlighted for Jill Diamond, who came to the WBC in 2004, to definitively and positively better our beloved organization.   Jill is a dynamic, decisive, courageous, and resourceful woman. She has a heart of gold and gives of herself without limits at every moment. Her support is unconditional and total. Jill always gives 100 percent … and then more! She started the women’s world championship in the WBC and created the WBC Cares program. Monumental feats and achievements! Congratulations, Jill!
We can proudly state that it has been the WBC which has strived to promote the dignity of women in the sport of Boxing.   The WBC has organized three world conventions aimed mainly at reviewing every medical and scientific information for the adequate protection of women in the ring. We have suffered and we have endured attacks of discrimination and sexism. The reality is very simple, women have significant differences with men, and for this reason, the rules must be different for their protection. All boxers, regardless of whether they are men or women, are willing to fight under any conditions imposed upon them. They are warriors, they are relentless, and they would do anything to excel and make a living.
The boxer needs the WBC to protect them and establish rules to minimize the risks before, during and after the fights.   Amanda Serrano, one of the best fighters in history, will enter the ring this month, as she seeks to become the leader of a movement, since she will fight for 12 rounds, and the duration of these will be three minutes. This is against the structure that has functioned flawlessly throughout the history of women’s boxing. The Muhammad Ali Act is a federal law and establishes that women’s fights must be a maximum of 10 rounds, and the duration of rounds is two minutes. The WBC will not be involved in this event in any form or manner.
What is sought? Equality? For the love of God, this is not about equality. Just look at a woman’s skeletal frame and compare it with that of a man to see the differences in bone density, just study the science that details the physiological and metabolic differences in relation to the percentage of muscle mass that the genes through the XX (female) and XY (male) chromosomes. Distinct differences are a fact of life!   Men will always have higher levels of testosterone, providing more muscle mass and endurance. Women have less muscle mass, they also tend to be prone to cervical and brain contusions to a greater extent than men. Also, and significantly, the days related to the menstrual cycle, which can cause abdominal discomfort, fluid retention, and other additional effects related to the hormonal changes themselves.

It is for these facts, and many other reasons, that the WBC will never bow down to what might be popular. We will never betray our principles and values. For us, taking care of the fighter’s wellbeing is and will always be and remain first and foremost.   DID YOU KNOW…? Another of the big differences that the WBC has in women’s boxing compared to men’s boxing is that our organization does not charge sanction fees to women, not one penny.
TODAY’S ANECDOTE One day I was with my dad at one of the first women’s boxing events promoted by Don Raúl Cruz (RIP). During a men’s preliminary bout, a fan yelled, “You box like a woman!”   Don José got up and approached the young man and said to him: “Dear friend, I wish all men would fight like women. They are an example of dedication, they fight with tireless passion during the two minutes of the round, they never give up, they move forward and are relentless. I ask you to choose your words with care and give them the respect that all the ladies deserve within and outside of the ring.”


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