By Mauricio Sulaimán – President of the WBC – Son of José Sulaimán

WORLD BOXING COUNCIL Mauricio Sulaimán, President Rio Bamba No. 835, Col. Linda Vista México City, D.F., México, 07300 Phones +52 (55) 57150309 | +52 (55) 51195276   R.I.P. – WBC President Dr. José Sulaimán – 1931-2014  
(January 16, 2024)  – The road to recovery for Julio César Chávez Jr. has begun. It will be long and painful, but I am sure it will be the definitive one to have that young man well again, healthy, and with a long life ahead of him.   Julito has been admitted to a rehabilitation clinic with the expectation that he will be there for several months in order to quell and banish the demons of his addictions.   It is important to understand that his addiction is not to recreational drugs, but to pills, which he had to take for a time to address a medical issue and which caused a terrible addiction.  
Our great champion, Julio César Chávez Sr., and his family has the support and affection of all of Mexico and the world of boxing during this process, in which his firstborn will be facing his toughest fight ever. May God lead them to a journey of positive vibes, calmness and heavenly strength.   2024 started with huge activity worldwide.   Great activity began in the World Boxing Council, with tremendous fights in Canada, Germany, and Denmark.   Artur Beterbiev defended his unified WBC-WBO-IBF light heavyweight crown against the official WBC challenger, Callum Smith, in a fast-paced fight that, after rounds of intense activity, the champion ended up demolishing his rival with a blistering attack, knocking him down twice, which led to his own corner stopping the fight. By the way, this was a perfect example on why the boxing authorities from around the world should again accept the use of “throwing the towel.” One of the oldest rules has been discontinued and commissions don’t accept the towel to be thrown to stop the fight. In this fight, Smith’s corner was desperately trying to get the referee’s attention. However, Mike Griffin was correctly fully concentrated in attending to the downed boxer. Both Buddy McGirt, Smith’s chief cornerman, and the commission corner supervisor went into the ring and the fight was stopped. The WBC announced during the last convention the implementation of the red towel.  
In Germany, Tina Rupprecht was crowned atomweight world champion, defeating Fabiana Bytyqi by unanimous decision in a great fight. It was so emotional and competitive that right there, at the end of the fight, both fighters agreed to a rematch immediately.  
In Denmark, Nigerian Elizabeth Oshoba won the silver featherweight championship.  
The rest of January will have world championship fights in Japan, where at light flyweight, Kenshiro Teraji will defend against the Venezuelan Carlos Cañizales, and on the 27th in Phoenix, Arizona, the brand new WBC super middleweight silver champion, Jaime Munguia, will face the well-known British John Ryder. John lost on points against the great Mexican monarch, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, in the majestic function that took place on May 5, 2023, at the Akron Stadium, in Guadalajara, Jalisco. On the other hand, Jaime Munguia, from Tijuana, is currently in great shape, and promises to put on a great show.  
  The Tenth Anniversary. On January 16, we held a mass for the tenth anniversary of my dear dad’s passing away.   It is incredible that 10 years have passed, but it is also so gratifying to live day to day and feel the affection with which he is remembered in all parts of the world.   Being the son of José Sulaimán is my greatest honor and card of presentation. I am received with a smile and emotional words, and anecdotes and memories of Don José always appear.
    I have felt my dad very present these days. This is what happens to me in the month of January, but for some reason, now his presence has been much more intense.   I dreamed this past week that we were in a great meeting with impressive clarity. He was alive and he was the WBC President. We were at an event and no one paid attention to me. Everyone was with him, and I even made a call to his cell phone. Incredibly, I clearly dialed his number 4001818, which I had not even thought about in more than 10 years.   He is surely very aware of us and of his family from the World Boxing Council, and of all the fighters, whom he always considered his children.   It gives me great joy to know that people from abroad will come to be at the mass that will be held in the Antigua Basilica of Guadalupe, in Mexico City.   The continental champion, Frank Sánchez, from Los Angeles; Jill Diamond, from New York; Ahmet Oener, from Turkey; Aleks Pedrag, from Serbia; Chico López, from Puerto Rico; Rey Danseco, from the Philippines, commissioners, and friends from the province of Mexico, all of them who are always with us giving us love and friendship.  
  DID YOU KNOW…? Bishop Aby Yuñez, affectionately known as Father George, will be officiating the mass in the Basilica, just as he has done for many years with a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony.   Today’s anecdote Every December, family vacations were in Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí, to visit grandfather Elías, and uncle Toño Esper, who married my dad’s only sister, my dear aunt Nelly.   The New Year’s party at the Hotel Valles was huge, from there, the party at the Potosí Rum factory, and in the morning, to eat the great Huasteco tamale called zacahuil.   Everyone was sitting in the dining room, and suddenly heard the sound of slippers dragging down the hallway on their way to meet their children, grandchildren, and everyone.   “Dad, come on! We are waiting for you,” my dad shouted.   “Mijito, put on a sweater, you’re going to catch a cold,” answered Don Elías.   We all saw with surprise and laughter how Don José, at 60 years old, obeyed his father.
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