Sampson Lewkowicz: Zerafa NOT Involved

(December 15, 2023) – Regarding an incident on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, at the WBA Convention in Orlando that is virally making the rounds on social media, promoter Sampson Lewkowicz wishes to clarify that Australian WBA #1 middleweight Michael Zerafa was in no way involved in the violent altercation captured on video.

After a disagreement over mandatory bouts and interim titles at the convention, Lewkowicz was attacked and humiliatingly spit on by the son of Zerafa’s manager, CEO and Founder of Grant Gloves, Elvis Grant Phillips. 

However, recent news reports could be interpreted as linking Zerafa to the melee that ensued and Lewkowicz wants it known that the fighter was not involved in the attack. In fact, Zerafa and his fiancée have since contacted Lewkowicz to offer their concerns for the 72-year-old veteran promoter’s wellbeing.

Lewkowicz has filed battery charges with the Orange County Sherriff’s Office over the cowardly attack.

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