Spectacular opening ceremony took place in Yerevan to mark the start of the IBA Junior World Boxing Championships

24 November 2023

Yerevan, Armenia – The IBA Junior World Boxing Championships 2023 commenced with a dazzling opening ceremony on 23 November in Yerevan, Armenia, setting the stage for what promises to be a memorable event in junior boxing. Hosted at the MIKA Sport Arena, the ceremony was not just a formal celebration of the competition, but a spectacular display of culture and unity, highlighted by a vibrant parade of flags representing the 51 participating nations. This colorful procession, featuring our young talent from across the globe, was a sight to behold, symbolizing the diversity and unity inherent in the sport of boxing.

As the athletes marched under their national flags, the atmosphere in the arena was electric, filled with a sense of pride and anticipation. The ceremony showcased the beauty of Armenia, with its rich cultural heritage and boxing history providing a perfect backdrop for this international event. The blend of traditional Armenian elements with the youthful energy of the boxers created a unique and inspiring ambiance.

‘It is crucial that our grassroots boxers have the conditions to compete. Children are our future, and none of them should be left alone. I congratulate everybody on this great celebration of junior boxing! Dear athletes, I wish the strongest would win, and we will be guarantors of the fair fights. Good luck to everybody,’ IBA President Umar Kremlev claimed in his message to participants.   

Before the opening ceremony, the official draw took place, setting the stage for the intense competition ahead. The young boxers, now aware of their first rivals, prepared to showcase their skills and determination in various weight categories. The event, scheduled to run over the next 11 days, includes competitions leading to the quarterfinals, semifinals, and the eagerly awaited finals on 3-4 December. The IBA Junior World Boxing Championships 2023 in Yerevan is not just a testament to the young boxers’ skill and dedication but also a celebration of cultural diversity and the unifying spirit of sport. The fans can enjoy the tournament at the IBA YouTube channel, all additional information about the schedule and results is available at iba.sport

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