Spence Vs Crawford, Full Report

Photo: Sumio Yamada

DENVER (August 1, 2023) – This past Saturday, boxing fans worldwide tuned in to watch the highly anticipated contest between Champions, Errol Spence and Terence Crawford. A war, a hard-earned victory for the winner is what was expected. Instead, boxing fans witnessed a hard-earned loss for Spence.

As fans were getting comfortable and watched the first round, Spence fans were gearing up for the fight of the century and victory. From the second round on, the fight slowly began to implode on team Spence. From round two, Crawford mastered the jab and the more Spence tried to focus on an offensive attack, the more Crawford would land his respectful and damaging jab. Even at the times when Spence would connect a good shot, Crawford’s counters were on point.

Why did Spence lose this contest so drastically? Simple, Spence displayed zero defense skills and that’s because he never needed strong defensive skills, he was always strong offensively that opponents could not withstand the attacks. Spence is the master of using his jab to open up power, Crawford effectively took Spence’s jab out of the equation and took advantage of his opponent, who stood right in front of him. No head movement, no side-to-side movement, and no slipping punches equaled disaster for Spence.

After the fight, Spence mentioned a rematch in December, if this happens, Spence will need to make some changes in his camp. And I do not mean fire the trainer, Derrick James is one of the best trainers in the business, so the last thing you want to do is get rid of an asset to your business. It would be in Spence’s best interest [For the rematch] to bring in a defensive-minded trainer to complement Trainer in Chief, James’

Can Spence win in a rematch? In sports, especially boxing, the word can’t does not exist. In my opinion, in the rematch, boxing fans will see the fight, we all anticipated in the first one.

The PPV undercard was as exciting as it was intriguing. In the first contest, Cuban Yoenis Tellez with only 5 professional bouts on his résumé stepped up to the plate and fought Sergio Garcia from Spain with a professional record of 34-2 and hit a grand slam. Tellez’s victory was no fluke, he fought brilliantly and convincingly, ending the contest in the third round.

Nonito Donaire’s quest to regain his WBC world bantamweight crown came up short, losing to Mexican Alexandro Santiago by decision. The 40-year-old Donaire fought well, however, it may be time for the future hall of Famer to call it a career.

Isaac Cruz took on undefeated Giovanni Cabrera (21-0-0) in the Co-Main and came out with a split-decision victory to claim the WBC Silver and WBO Latino Lightweight champion. Cruz hopes to force Gervonta Davis into a rematch.

About Aurelio Martinez:

Martinez has been involved in boxing for over 50 years, he retired as a prizefighter in 1986 to focus on his established company, Martinez Business Machines. Martinez opened up a boxing gym and began training boxers after retirement from the sport. Currently, Martinez is CEO and president of many ventures, including Inside Boxing, Inc., and IBtv, Inc. He began promoting boxing in 1990 and continues to do so. Martinez also mimics a boxing writer in his spare time.

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