Umar Kremlev meets President of Cuba, agrees on big steps for boxing development

IBA President Umar Kremlev met the President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, and the parties agreed on big steps for boxing development in the country. They also discussed close collaboration in boxing development and plans for the next year. 

IBA President suggested that International Boxing Day should be celebrated in Cuba in 2023, and Díaz-Canel gave his full support and instructed the government to start implementing the project; a taskforce is to be set up shortly. The Cuban President stressed that he is a great friend of boxing.

‘Our sport has strong roots in Cuba, as the first-ever World Boxing Championships was held in Havana in 1974, and we celebrate International Boxing Day remembering that event. Since then and now, Cuba has many outstanding fighters who perform at the highest level, and we need to create better conditions for them,’ IBA President said.

Kremlev also mentioned that a major boxing institute should be built in Cuba, since it is ‘one of the leading countries in the boxing world.’ The institute will create opportunities for the education of coaches and officials, as well as the best conditions and special programs for athletes’ preparation. It will serve as a socialization tool for retired boxers and provide training for the coaching staff. New technologies will be implemented in the institute. Miguel Díaz-Canel assured governmental support in this project. 

The idea to hold the World Boxing Tour event, Diamond Best Series, in Cuba was also among the opportunities discussed. 

The next destination of President Kremlev was a boxing school near Havana, where he met young Cuban athletes who train there. The athletes work out at a distance from the noisy city, which leaves less distraction for the camps. He gifted the athletes gloves and headguards and addressed them passionately.  

‘You are the future of Cuba, a country of legendary boxing champions. I see great potential in Cuban boxing for its further development. What we need to do is to create proper conditions to find these gems and raise them to champions,’ Kremlev said. 

In addition, President Kremlev agreed to support in the renovation of the boxing school for these children.

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