Yoenlis Hernandez Set to Accelerate Towards World Title Glory with Warriors Boxing and Heavyweight Factory

TOLUCA, MX (December 6, 2023) – Unbeaten middleweight, Yoenlis Hernandez (2-0), one of the most decorated amateurs to ever come out of Cuba, is ready to take the professional boxing world by storm. He just signed a co-promotional deal with Warriors Boxing and Chris Lawrence’s Heavyweight Factory Promotions. He’ll be guided by manager Robert Valle who will handle all executive decisions.

Toluca, Mexico has become the new home for Hernandez, where he now trains under the mentorship of acclaimed boxing coach, Jacob “Panda” Majal, who also guides the corners of IBF Jr. Lightweight world champion Subriel Matias, IBF Bantamweight champion Emmanuel Rodriguez, and WBA #1 ranked super bantamweight contender Kevin Gonzalez, to name a few.

“I am beyond excited for the opportunities that lie ahead,” expressed Hernandez. “Training under ‘Panda’ Majal’s guidance has been very instrumental, and the co-promotion with Warriors Boxing and Heavyweight Factory is a testament to their belief in my abilities. I’m grateful for Robert Valle’s management as we take the next steps toward a world title.”

Training in Toluca, Mexico, is something Hernandez appreciates being that the elevation is over 8,000 feet. In addition, training alongside world champions is helping him create the mindset of a true winner. He plans to continue living in Mexico where he enjoys the vibrant boxing community and thrives in the high-altitude training environment.

“Living and training in Mexico have been incredible,” continued Hernandez, who captured Gold at the 2021 AIBA World Boxing Championships. “Toluca’s elevation over 8000 feet has elevated my conditioning and skill set. I am eager to build a strong fanbase in Mexico while pursuing my dream of becoming a world champion.”

Hernandez is poised to ascend rapidly in pursuit of a world title as he will jump on the fast track to a world title. Hernandez’s next bout is scheduled for January 20, 2024, where he will fight for a WBA regional title in a highly anticipated bout at the popular Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, Florida. This pivotal moment marks a significant step in his journey towards a world title fight.

“I am honored to bring my talents to the ring at the Hard Rock Café, and I intend to put on a spectacular show for the fans,” added Hernandez. “Fighting for a regional title will help me with the rankings and solidify myself as a top contender in the middleweight division. I’m grateful to me team for everything they do for me. I won’t let them down.”

Luis DeCubas Sr. of Warriors Boxing, the person responsible for establishing Hernandez in Mexico, believes he has the talent to follow in the footsteps of recent fighters making a name in boxing at the world class level.

“We have plans to put Hernandez in some challenging fights right now,” stated DeCubas Sr. “He had an incredible amateur career and he’s ready dominate in the pros. Like David Morrell Jr. and Yoenis Tellez, he’ll be fighting at the world class level from here on out. Also, I have to mention that the Hard Rock Café will be his home, as they have big plans to build him in South Florida, where there is a high population of Cubans.”

“I’m excited about Hernandez’ future,” manager Robert Valle stated. “We have a great team in place and I’m confident we can guide him to a world title in the next year or two. He has a great attitude and his coached by “Panda” one of the best young trainers in boxing.

“We have big plans to promote some great fighters and Hernandez is at the top,” said Chris Lawrence of Heavyweight Factory Promotions. “Leon Margules and Luis Sr. are veterans of the game and have guided many fighters to become world champions. I’m happy to be co-promoting with some legendary figures in boxing.”

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