AIBA Presidential Candidate Umar Kremlev Supports IOC Call for Gender Equality

(December 9, 2020) – Following the decision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to reach gender equality for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, Umar Kremlev, a presidential candidate for the International Boxing Association (AIBA), expressed his support and said he will ensure equal conditions for boxers of all weight categories, regardless of their gender, if he is elected president at the election this Saturday.

The Executive Board of the IOC held a discussion of the program for the 2024 Games on Monday. Following the meeting, it was decided to reduce the number of medal sets from 339 to 329. That means that in the sport of boxing, 13 set of medals will be competed for.

At the Tokyo Olympics next year, boxing competitions will still be held in eight categories for men and five for women, but at Paris athletes will compete in seven weight categories for men and six for women.

“The most important thing in the IOC decision remains the preservation of boxing in the program of the Olympic Games with a constant number of medal sets being competed for,” said Umar Kremlev, Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation, following the IOC statement on the reduction of Olympic weight categories for men.

“I support the IOC’s desire for gender equality and welcome this initiative. But I understand and share the concern of athletes and coaches in connection with the reduction in the number of Olympic weight categories for men. If I am elected AIBA President, I guarantee equal support for boxers performing in all weight categories, including those not included in the Olympic program. Moreover, I am planning to increase the number of weight categories to 13, both for men and women,” Kremlev pointed out.

“My projects include the establishment of international competitions under the AIBA auspices where athletes will compete – including those in non-Olympic weight categories – not only for medals, but also for worthy prize pay-outs. It is critical to carry out all necessary reforms in AIBA, so that the world sports community has no more questions. We need to do everything possible so that the boxing tournament in Paris is organized by AIBA. And in the future, we need to strive to increase the number of weight categories at the Olympic Games, both for men and women”, said Kremlev, who would become AIBA president if the majority of voting countries vote for him during the AIBA Congress on December 12-13.

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