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Umar Kremlev Wins AIBA Presidency, Calls for Urgent Reforms in Boxing

Lausanne, Switzerland – December 12th, 2020: Umar Kremlev is the new president of the International Boxing Association (AIBA), winning the election on Saturday with 57.33 per cent of the vote. Kremlev has called for unity and reforms in AIBA, the sports body that represents amateur boxing worldwide. The election was held virtually at AIBA’s ongoing […]

AIBA Presidential Candidate Umar Kremlev Supports IOC Call for Gender Equality

(December 9, 2020) – Following the decision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to reach gender equality for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, Umar Kremlev, a presidential candidate for the International Boxing Association (AIBA), expressed his support and said he will ensure equal conditions for boxers of all weight categories, regardless of their gender, […]

“Umar Kremlev Has Experience, Resolve and Vision” – Video Points Out Leadership Qualities Essential for AIBA’s Next President

(December 3, 2020) “Experience, resolve and vision: these leadership qualities are essential for the future President of AIBA” says a video that has been released by the media channel Boxing Highlights C4TV in support of Umar Kremlev’s bid for the presidency of the International Boxing Association (AIBA). The 5:50 minute video (https://youtu.be/pFcz_F8WhXE) illustrates Umar Kremlev’s […]