Did WBA Heavyweight Champion Daniel Dubois Lose Frank Warren’s Phone Number?

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL (August 3, 2022)—Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.

That’s certainly the case for WBA Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Dubois, after winning the title on a Don King promoted show on June 11, 2022 in Miami.

DuBois and his promoter and manager, Frank Warren, who was not allowed to enter the United States, need to get together and renew acquaintances.

Promoter King has requested banking and wire information from Warren for two months with no reply.
So King’s lawyer, Tony Gonzalez, put the funds in escrow waiting for Warren to respond. DuBois’ lawyer Leon Margules finally sent the wire instructions after Warren and Queensberry Promotions failed to reply to Don King Promotions multiple requests for wire instructions.

Warren and his promotional company, Queensberry Promotions, had the television rights payment for BT Sports deducted from the purse, per the agreement.

King has already paid DuBois’ foreign taxes to the IRS of $420,660.12.

“I have talked with DuBois and his father about the matter,” said King. “I’ve told them the money was in escrow and waiting for DuBois’ promoter and manager, Frank Warren, the wiring instructions.
Did Frank lose my number? He knows where to reach me.”

“I love Frank Warren. His word, honor and integrity have been above and beyond any contract or agreement with me. His word has been his bond…Impeccable! I am deeply hurt and terribly disappointed in what is happening now.

“I’ve never not paid a fighter and this is certainly not the case here.”

King’s lawyer Gonzalez stated, ““DKP has made all requisite payments towards Mr. Dubois’ purse.
“Pursuant to Florida State Athletic Commission Director Patrick Cunningham’s instructions, proof of payment in the form of the payment for the 30% IRS backup withholding was provided along with $475,000 setoff towards Mr. Dubois’ purse at the instruction of Mr. Dubois’ promoter, Queensbury.”
“Additionally, and at the instruction of Mr. Cunningham, an escrow deposit was made in the amount of $134,000.00 representing a final balance due Mr. Dubois after applying a setoff of $319,000 for outstanding monies owed DKP by Mr. Warren. Also, all sanction fees owed by Mr. Dubois were paid in full to the WBA.”

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